We know it’s no longer enough to be customer-centric; you need to be customer-powered to really be successful. ADP knows this well! In 2018, ADP’s goal was to integrate advocacy throughout the entire client lifecycle to ultimately mobilize them to help solve their business needs.

In this Advochat webinar, we interviewed the 2018 BAMMIE Advocate Marketer of the Year, Sarah Schreiner (Sr. Strategy Analyst of Client Experience at ADP) to get her expert insights on scaling advocacy programs that fuel a customer-powered enterprise. We put Sarah in the hot seat, and asked audience questions including:

  • What has been the most powerful act of advocacy in your program?
  • How did your advocacy program save 9,000+ hours of admin work in just one year? And how did you quantify this value?
  • How have advocates surprised you since launching the ADP Ambassador Program in 2015?

Check out the full conversation below!

Notable Moments
03:18 – Engaging customers across the lifecycle
05:36 – Advocacy & Product management
09:47 – Obtaining internal buy-in
14:32 – Expanding the program beyond advocate marketing
17:01 – Saving 9000 hours with the Advocate Hub Ambassador’s program
25:16 – Power of advocacy & the customer-powered enterprise
35:40 – Engagement and advice on rewards


Sarah Schreiner, Sr. Strategy Analyst, Client Experience at ADP
Victoria LaPlante, Former Head of Advocate Marketing & Demand Generation at Influitive

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