Our Speaker:

Jeni AsabaJeni Asaba
Community Engagement & Advocacy Manager


Session Overview

Is building a greenhouse at your organization essential for the company’s overall success?

Jeni Asaba, the 2021 Influitive Program Manager of the Year, Top25 CMA Influencer and head of Community at Jamf, will join us for our next customer spotlight webinar on April 22, 2022, and share why having the right environment for customers is no longer a “nice-to-have” but is now a “need-to-have” for any organization’s long-term growth. 

As more organizations realize the power of Community, they’re giving it a home internally. But that alone isn’t enough. Focusing on the type of environment you create for customers is a key indicator of your community’s success over time.

Tune in to hear Jeni discuss:

  • Why every organization needs a greenhouse (a carefully nurtured home for advocates)
  • What elements are essential to ensuring customer engagement over time
  • Key indicators of your community’s success (not talking metrics)
  • How to accept that it’s not an environment for everyone
  • So much more!

Register today and learn from the 2021 BAMMIE winner for ‘Advocate Marketer of the Year‘.