Hear from Cristina Melluzzi, Global Head of Customer Advocacy at Cisco and 2019 BAMMIE Award-Winner for Advocate Marketer of the Year,  along with Jessica Highsmith, Global Advocacy Communications Manager at Cisco. Cisco is also the 2019 BAMMIE Award-Winner for Most Engaged Advocate Community. 

Cristina joined Cisco four years ago to lead Customer Advocacy in the EMEAR region and helped architect Cisco’s customer advocacy program. During her time, she has helped build a truly world-class advocate community and currently leads 18 customer marketers globally focused on customer advocacy and storytelling.

During this webinar, Cristina and Jessica share:

  • How they got into Customer / Advocacy Marketing
  • Steps that were taken to start Cisco’s advocacy program
  • An overview of Cisco’s community “The Gateway” and how they keep their members engaged
  • What metrics the team measures to determine success
  • The biggest obstacle(s) faced while growing Cisco’s advocate community
  • And much more…

Our Speakers

Cristina MeluzziCristina Melluzzi
Global Head of Customer Advocacy


Jessica Highsmith
Jessica Highsmith
Global Advocacy Communications Manager


Webinar Details

Aired: Thursday, March 5, 2020
Time: 8:00 am PT  |  11:00 am ET  |  4:00 pm GMT