Trying to collect product insights from your users but finding 1:1 email outreach time consuming and exhaustive email surveys are being ignored? You’re not alone! But ON24 is cracking the code on mobilizing their customer community to guide these product conversations.

Tiffany Beddow (Senior Customer Marketing Manager at ON24), shares her best practices and strategies on leveraging their customer community, Webinerd Network, to accelerate product development and improve user adoption, with Pendo guides and analytics.

In this webinar, Tiffany is joined by Jake Sorofman (CMO at Pendo), and Chris Newton (VP of Marketing & Business Development at Influitive).  Together they share inspiring tips on how to leverage your customers to fuel organizational growth and participate in product development.

Tiffany answers questions including:

  • Tell us about ON24’s customer-powered vision for 2019.
  • What challenges have you experienced with building a customer-powered enterprise?
  • How do you measure success?

Check out the full conversation below!

Notable moments:

Tiffany Beddow
, Senior Customer Marketing Manager at ON24
Jake Sorofman, CMO at Pendo
Chris Newton, VP of Marketing & Business Development at Influitive


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