Our Guest Speaker:

Leslie BarrettLeslie Barrett
Owner & Creator at CMA Soulmate
Director of Customer Marketing & Advocacy at Sendoso



Ari HoffmanAri Hoffman
VP of Customer Marketing & Advocacy


Date: Thursday, February 23, 2023
Time: 10:00 am PT | 1:00 pm ET

Duration: 45 minutes

Session Overview

From tightening budgets to hiring freezes and shifting priorities, there’s a lot of uncertainty in business right now. Clearly defining what success looks like so that you can demonstrate value has always been critical, but is especially the case in times like these. So how can customer marketing and advocacy professionals navigate these uncharted waters while mapping their path from individual contributor (IC) to manager and beyond?

Join Influitive and CMA Soulmate for a special webinar where we’ll break down “The Customer Marketing & Advocacy Career Framework,” which defines the core competencies you need to progress through a job level or nail that next interview.  This framework helps:

  • IC’s strategize and map their growth within their current organization
  • Managers guide their teams strategically by providing continuous value and leadership
  • Those looking for a new role to position themselves as strategic thinkers with a well-defined growth plan as their competitive advantage 

So whether you’re seeking your next opportunity, gunning for a promotion or are looking to level up your managing strategy this webinar will arm you with the tools and skills you need to take your career to the next level.

P.S., we’ll have time for Q&A so bring your questions for Leslie and Ari!