Forrester TEI Report Influitive Cover

You could calculate Influitive’s ROI just based on product reviews alone, and it would be worth the money we spend every year. – Head of Customer Marketing, B2B Software

Learn how Influitive delivered an ROI of 355%

The purpose of the study was to examine the potential economic impact of using Influitive’s Customer Advocacy platform. It found that investing in Influitive produced a 3-year 355% return on investment.

Find out how a composite organization based on interviewed customers:

  • Drove revenue that paid for the program in less than 6 months
  • Saved customer-facing teams over 1,000 hours per year by consolidating content creation
  • Improved customer retention by over 5%
  • Improved brand humanization

Download The Total Economic Impact™ of Influitive’s Customer Advocacy Solution to analyze the impact of implementing Influitive and to learn how leading marketing teams can scale their advocacy efforts and drive ROI.

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Influitive - TEI Report - Infographic