Building 1:1 relationships with customers through an advocate community may sound like a pipedream. How will you convince your boss that “making customers happier” will benefit your business (and cover program costs)?

We have good news: there are many ways to show your whole company the value of advocate marketing;from tying advocacy directly to new business to explaining the impact an army of eager advocates can have on initiatives you already invest resources in.

In this live video chat, two successful advocate marketers will reveal how they show the ROI of advocate marketing through:

  1. Increased revenue and accelerating pipeline
  2. Decreased costs thanks to advocate input and feedback
  3. Boosted brand awareness and demand
  4. Increased customer retention and account growth


Truman Tang
Sr. Marketing Manager, Customer and Advocacy at Influitive
Kevin Lau
Sr. Marketing Manager, Customer Retention & Advocacy at NetBase

Carlos Gonzalez
Vice President of Customer Success Operations at Ceridian