B2B customers have been trained by their consumer experiences to expect authenticity, accountability and adaptability in the companies with which they do business. Increased focus on customer engagement – a holistic approach to the customer-company relationship post-sale – enables B2B organizations to meet those expectations.

Enhanced customer engagement drives improved retention, growth and efficiency, but most marketing organizations must make careful choices about where to invest time and resources for measurable impact.

In this webinar, Amy Bills, Research Director of Customer Engagement at SiriusDecisions, shares her research in the customer engagement space with Peter Garza, Former VP of Demand Generation & Education at Influitive. They discuss what customer engagement is and how to demonstrate the business impact of your community on your organization.

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Amy Bills, Research Director of Customer Engagement at SiriusDecisions
Peter Garza, Former VP Demand Generation & Education at Influitive

The SaaS Vendor’s Guide to Customer Engagement, Retention and Advocacy

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