The one thing customer marketers never want to miss is showing appreciation to their best customer advocates. After all, advocacy – like reviews, testimonials, references, and so on – are things your customers do that aren’t in their job description.

When your best advocates go above and beyond for you, you want to reciprocate.

Yet, how you reciprocate matters too! Not everyone resonates with gift cards or swag. 

By limiting your reciprocation to just the basics, you’ll leave a lot of benefits on the table. 

You’ll miss out on:

  • Building deep connections with your customers
  • Showing your customers that you care about their success
  • Nurturing loyalty that a customer carries throughout their career

You want to resonate with each one of your best advocates. 

That’s why we linked up with Lauren Turner (Director of Customer Marketing at Alyce), who gave us a look at how she uses the 5 Love Languages (based on the best-selling book by Dr. Gary Chapman) to engage all of her best advocates.

We put this ebook together to help you give back to each of your advocates in ways that they’ll appreciate and remember