Advocate Marketing Resources

What Is Advocate Marketing (And Why Do You Need It)?

Tired of grasping at straws when it comes to hitting your revenue targets? You can’t just send more emails or spin up another event. This marketing playbook was fine the first 100 times you used it, but you are better than this.

Meet the advocates: your huge fans and loyal customers who genuinely love you. It’s time you mobilize all of your champions. Buyers don’t trust your ads and emails anymore, but they do trust their peers — your advocates. They’ll introduce you into conversations you didn’t even know existed, bringing you tons of referrals. And they’re willing to do so much more…all you have to do is grow up and ask!

Your advocates can help you reach more people in more audiences in a more credible way than your next ad spend.

Advocates help everyone get more out of your business. They become better customers, help your other customers be better customers, and create stronger connections. Advocates love your brand and if you love them back you can accomplish great things together.

As marketers, maybe what we really need to do is just get out of the way. Don’t kid yourself: advocate marketing is real. Still think you can build customer relationships while sitting on the sidelines. Advocacy: it’s not the future of marketing…it’s now. Like right now.