The struggle to connect, engage, and ultimately convert prospective buyers is real. Today’s buyers don’t trust vendors and are looking to their peers for help with their purchase decisions. To reach these buyers, your business needs to tap into the power of advocates.

Advocates help everyone get more out of your business. From helping guide buyers along their journey, to driving better product innovation, to creating content that contributes to increased awareness or product adoption, advocates are essential. They become better customers themselves, help your other customers become better customers, and create stronger connections between them. Advocates love your brand, and if you love them back, you can accomplish great things together.

As marketers, we need to get out of the way and let our advocates participate in important conversations. Advocate marketing is one of the most powerful tools modern marketers have. Still think you can build customer relationships while sitting on the sidelines? Advocacy: it’s not the future of marketing…it’s now. Like right now.