Leverage trusted connections to win more deals

Don’t let your sales outreach get ignored. Instead, build trust with buyers by leveraging your happiest customers’ stories and their networks to generate better pipeline, close deals faster, and open new cross-sell opportunities with current customers.

<strong>Ray Lau</strong>, Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager, <strong>PowerDMS</strong>
"Giving our customers a great experience has motivated them to help in ways that wouldn’t be possible without an advocate community. To date, they've influenced $1M in opportunities and $200K in closed/won revenue via referrals, references, and online reviews."Ray Lau, Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager, PowerDMS

Generate more customer referrals

Drive more consistent pipeline with an abundant supply of advocate referrals—which are proven to convert faster and with larger deals than any other lead source.


Expand your pool of customer references

Quickly source the right reference to resonate with your prospects based on their industry, product usage, and more.


Develop cross-sell opportunities

Leverage strong customer relationships and account insights to get internal referrals.



Generate more customer referrals to build pipeline

Don’t let valuable sales pipeline go undiscovered month after month.

Influitive makes the referral process transparent, engaging, and rewarding for advocates—making them more likely to offer you access to their personal networks. We give you the tools to target your “asks” to your happiest customers, show them the progress of their referral, and reward them each step of the way—so they want to refer your products again and again.

Be confident you’ll hit your targets every month with a steadier stream of high-quality sales opportunities.

Generate more customer referrals to build pipeline
<strong>Larisa Sandu</strong>, Advocacy Program Manager, <strong>Procore</strong>
“We integrated AdvocateHub with Salesforce, and mobilized our advocates to drive qualified sales leads and closed/won business for us. We received 1,000 referrals in 2017 via our program’s referrals campaigns!”Larisa Sandu, Advocacy Program Manager, Procore

Expand your pool of customer references

Save time sourcing the right customer references.

Influitive makes it a faster, more rewarding process to grow your reference pool and connect customers with prospects. Uncover which customers are using your products successfully, and send reference requests to the right advocates in their industry quickly. Plus, automate how you reward customers for completing a reference to thank them for their help and encourage them to be a reference again in the future.

With Influitive, sales teams can finally stop burning out their small list of “go-to” customer references.

Expand your pool of customer references
<strong>Amy Rosenberg</strong>, Manager, Field Marketing, <strong>Namely</strong>
“We had dozens of hidden advocates that we never knew existed until we gave them a community. We increased our reference pool 10x with Influitive.”Amy Rosenberg, Manager, Field Marketing, Namely

Develop cross-sell opportunities by inspiring customers to refer you internally

Advocates aren’t just there to promote your company publicly. They can also serve as powerful ambassadors to other internal stakeholders and groups across their organization.

Influitive helps sales teams leverage these relationships to uncover additional revenue opportunities that you may never discover without a formal advocacy program. Learn more about client priorities and initiatives, make internal referral requests of your advocates, and create engaging digital experiences so they can invite their entire organization to learn more about your solution.

Make selling into existing customer accounts an organic and rewarding process for your customers with the insights AdvocateHub can provide.


Develop cross-sell opportunities by inspiring customers to refer you internally
<strong>Tracy Staniland</strong>, Director, Marketing, <strong>PolicyMedical</strong>
"Through the program, we're providing customers with engaging educational materials, which is improving product usage. We have also received leads for both upsell and cross-sell products through the content we’re sharing in our AdvocateHub."Tracy Staniland, Director, Marketing, PolicyMedical
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