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6 Fresh Ways To Make Your Event Special For Your Advocates

There’s nothing quite like the rush of energy you get from hosting a live event. We just came back from Quick Base EMPOWER18, our annual user conference in Austin, which included 750+ customers and partner attendees. Everyone is super fired up, but especially our customers. I wanted to share an inside look at how we Continued

Getting to Know Your Customers: 4 Inspiring Examples From Top Advocate Marketers

If only reading your customers’ minds was as easy as peering into a crystal ball… Then you could get to know them on a personal level—a necessary part of laying the groundwork to engage them. The benefits of creating an engaged community are twofold: first, you’re cementing customer loyalty by adding value and giving them Continued

5 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself Before Launching An Advocacy Program

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably put in the research and are ready to start investing in advocacy. Congratulations for coming this far already on your advocacy journey! If you’ve already seen the success that companies like yours have had with their programs, then you know how far advocacy can take you—and hopefully you’re as Continued

10 Actionable Tips For Sourcing High Quality Feedback From Your Advocates

Customer feedback isn’t just a nice-to-have. For any organization that is committed to creating a second-to-none customer experience, regularly sourcing customer feedback is mission critical. Feedback enables you to constantly iterate on your products, optimize the customer journey, and include customer voices in everything you do. With it, your customers can be the engine behind Continued

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BAMMIES 2018 Submission Page

1 Best Advocate Marketing Award For Most Engaged Advocate Community You’ve excelled at building an amazing advocate community that keeps them coming back for more. The winner of this award will show how they built a highly engaged advocate community that includes re-engagement tactics or campaigns leveraged to keep engagement strong and as a result Continued

Advochat: How to Scale Your CSM Team  with Advocacy

Customers are looking for personalized experiences with your brand, and 1:1 outreach or mass email blasts just aren’t going to cut it. This is where customized segmentation and scalable onboarding can be your CS teams’ new best friend. In our latest Advochat, Amanda Meinert (Customer Marketing Manager at Gainsight) and Jesse Goldman (VP of Customer Continued

Customer-Powered ABM: How To Let Your Customers Fuel Your ABM Campaigns

Looking to work your way into tough-to-crack ABM target accounts? Let me tell you something. No volume of banner ads, emails, LinkedIn messages, or cold calls will establish the trust you need to start those conversations. Your prospects crave relevancy and authenticity, and they will ignore any messages that don’t speak to them. They want Continued