You do great work—but does anyone know?

Upshot stories are an easy way to build your personal brand and deepen company connections. With a one-hour investment, you could change your career.


Upshot stories have helped employees at companies like Walmart, Slack, Ford, JP Morgan, 3M, and Square tell their stories.

But let’s talk about you. You’ve got a story to tell; you just might not know it.

You were asked to be in an Upshot story for good reason. You have a success story and your peers want to hear it. But this isn’t a purely selfless endeavor: Those who get promotions, pay raises, and job opportunities are the ones who make their success known. Let us be your megaphone.

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What’s in it for you?

1. Deepen business relationships
Advocating for your vendor is an excellent way to create a mutually beneficial business relationship. This strengthened bond could lead to future business deals, an invitation to speak at their next user conference, or added support in a time when you need it most.
2. Build thought leadership
You work hard to develop your personal brand, and taking part in an Upshot story is perfect for anyone looking to become a thought leader within their field. Showcasing your expertise and industry knowledge can generate future opportunities such as speaking engagements, career advancement, and professional recognition. Since your Upshot story is ghostwritten for you, you reap all the benefits of thought leadership without the time and cost commitment.
3. Inspire your peers
Many people in your industry, role, or field are facing the very same challenges that you overcame. By sharing your experience and expertise, you can help others who struggle with similar problems.
4. Free press
An Upshot story may be nominated by your vendor, but you are at the heart of it. And by proxy, your employer. That means when your vendor is promoting your story through email, social, and many other channels, they are also promoting your business, pushing eyeballs—and prospective customers—your way.
5. It’s fun!
While this whole process can appear daunting at first, our past contributors have viewed working with Upshot as an extremely fun and rewarding experience.