New AppExchange Package Brings the Power of Your Customer’s Advocacy into the World’s Most Popular CRM System

TORONTO, ON – July 14, 2020 Influitive Corporation—a leading provider of customer advocacy and customer engagement software—today announced the release of Advocacy Insights, a new AppExchange Package that adds Influitive-based activities directly into Salesforce customer data records to improve customer engagement. 

A majority of Influitive customers utilize the current Salesforce integration to leverage existing customer data for segmentation and personalization, and to manage references and referrals. Advocacy Insights takes the integration to the next level and provides customers the ability to bring all the activities captured by Influitive into Salesforce for a more complete picture of their customer engagement. The new package also comes with pre-built Salesforce dashboards to highlight important insights such as recent activity in key accounts, posts by top advocates, ROI measurement, and more. 

“Advocacy Insights brings critical data to the fingertips of my revenue teams,” said Rob Merklinger, SVP of Sales at Influitive. “Directly in Salesforce, reps can see our customers’ wants, needs, and interests based on their actions and activities in one or more Influitive hubs. This is a huge time-saver and competitive advantage for my team.”

The new integration will help go-to-market teams understand existing customers—or any cohort—better. Sales teams will be able to view:

  • Product reviews, requests and feedback
  • Testimonials and other user-generated content 
  • Company and user preferences 
  • Survey participation and detailed responses
  • Social Shares and Follows
  • And more

These customer insights will help sales teams pinpoint references and enablement materials to accelerate new business and cross sell/upsell opportunities. Other teams benefit as well. Marketers can leverage customer data to build buyer profiles to improve targeting and personalization and campaign effectiveness. CS and CX teams can gauge the performance of their advocacy programs and how engagement is contributing to customer success and satisfaction. 

“Advocacy Insights allows every piece of content generated by Influitive users to be used by their customer-facing teams,” said Dan McCall, CEO at Influitive. “We can’t wait for our customers to get their hands on this release as it’s a game-changer.” 

Influitive’s Salesforce AppExchange package is available immediately and at no additional cost to Influitive customers. Visit this page to get started. 

About Influitive

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