Influitive Reinforces Role Of Customer Success Management In Customer Advocacy And Revenue Generation At Gainsight Pulse Conference 2014TORONTO, ON – May 14, 2014 Influitive, the advocate marketing experts, will be among the speakers discussing the importance of customer success management in a growing subscription economy at Gainsight’s Pulse Conference 2014 this week.

As B2B marketers increasingly look beyond simply closing a new customer and towards increasing the value of the customer relationships over time, businesses are zeroing in on the role of customer success in building loyalty, customer advocacy and referrals to increase revenue.

Today, Influitive founder and CEO Mark Organ will share his insights about customer success in the SaaS operating stack and talk about how to create – and maintain – happy customers at Pulse, the annual destination for the customer success industry.

“Customer success is the link between happy customers and new customer growth,” Organ said. “Understanding a customer’s business and goals will help any B2B firm ensure they’re getting great value from their services and lead to client referrals and customer advocacy.”

A recent report by Forrester, an independent third-party research firm with a high level trust in the industry, underscored the importance of actively managing customers. Forrester’s Executive Primer to Customer Success Management found customer success management to be an emerging but critical component of a company’s success – and one that has quantifiable economic benefits.

“The importance of customer success management in helping organizations grow cannot be ignored,” said Chad Horenfeldt, Director of Customer Operations at Influitive, who spoke about Influitive’s agile customer success model and accepted a customer success leadership award from Gainsight on the first day of the two-day conference.

“Forrester has highlighted what we’ve been seeing all along at Influitive: creating an amazing customer experience and helping customers see the value in their investment transforms customers into advocates. Customer advocacy has a direct, significant impact on revenue growth.”

The conference, which features more than 100 speakers and experts in the customer success field, runs from May 13-14 in San Francisco.

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