Advocate marketing software company strengthens board with two new independent directors

Toronto, ON – Influitive, the advocate marketing experts, today announced the appointment of two new members to its board of directors. After achieving 400% annual revenue growth in 2014, Influitive will leverage the combined expertise of independent directors Dennis Chookaszian and Rick Faulk to tap into new markets, raise additional capital, attract more top talent, and mature operations.

“Dennis and Rick are outstanding directors, with deep experience as company operators, helping rapidly growing technology companies achieve their full potential. I am so pleased to have their guidance going forward as we enter the next phase of our growth,” said Mark Organ, founder and CEO of Influitive. “Dennis is a corporate governance expert and Rick is a true marketing leader who, as the CEO of Intronis, was an Influitive customer and advocate before joining our board.”


Dennis Chookaszian

Mr. Chookaszian received the Financial Times Outstanding Director Exchange’s “Director of the Year” in 2010 and has served on the boards of 12 public companies, including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Allscripts, MacDonald Dettwiler and Sapient. He has also served on 50 private company boards as well as Chairman of the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council from 2007 to 2012.

In addition, Mr. Chookaszian is Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, teaching an MBA course on Corporate Governance. Previously, he served as the Chairman and CEO of CNA Insurance, a $17-billion, 20,000-employee insurance company.


Rick Faulk

With more than 30 years of executive management, sales and marketing experience, Mr. Faulk worked for some of the world’s most successful SaaS and technology companies, including Lotus Development, PictureTel, j2Global, Cisco and WebEx, before joining Intronis as Chairman and CEO. Much of that experience includes VP of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer roles, bringing a unique perspective of how to quickly grow and scale a marketing software company like Influitive. Mr. Faulk also serves on the boards of and is an advisor to a number of other technology startups.

Mr. Chookaszian joined Influitive’s board as Lead Director in November 2014, and Mr. Faulk was appointed to the board of directors as of February 2015.

About Influitive

Influitive, based in Toronto and San Francisco, is changing the face of B2B marketing through its innovative AdvocateHub platform and Maven mobile app for advocate marketing. Today’s buyers are leveraging knowledgeable peers at roughly twice the rate than they did even four years ago. Influitive helps marketers capture the enthusiasm of their best customers, followers and evangelists, turning that into direct support through all stages of the buying cycle, from social media reviews and customer referrals to case studies and references. Influitive’s customers include some of most successful and fastest-growing business-to-business software and technology firms in the world. To learn how to get your advocates working with you, please visit

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