Move brings together market leaders in customer advocacy and employee advocacy


TORONTO, ON – December 8, 2021 – Influitive Corporation, the leading provider of engagement software for customer advocacy and online communities, today announced its acquisition of PostBeyond, a venture-backed SaaS company leading in employee advocacy and social selling. As companies aspire to become customer-centric in the era of distributed workforces, Influitive cements its leadership position in advocacy and expands its ability to engage both audiences.

In the digital landscape, customer and employee engagement is vital to genuine interactions, positive experiences, and shared values by and between cohorts. It’s foundational for achieving advocacy and propelling businesses forward. Influitive’s advocate-based system caters to the market’s need with personalized journeys for clients’ customers, employees, and partners—driving extreme engagement and fostering deeper relationships and brand loyalty.

Founded in 2013, PostBeyond enables an organization’s employees and partners to share relevant content with their social networks to reach, engage, and influence buyers and employees. In the past year, PostBeyond has seen over 35% growth in revenue and nearly 50% growth in customers. PostBeyond is also a G2 leader in employee advocacy and was named a Great Place to Work™ for 2021.

“Influitive has seen an increasing demand from our customers for employee advocacy and engagement solutions,” said Dan McCall, CEO at Influitive. “While our platform handles these use cases today, the ability to acquire a market leader accelerates our product and growth initiatives and will benefit our combined base of customers.”

“Today, most companies are using separate solutions to support their customer advocacy and employee advocacy programs, which is inefficient from both a vendor management and cost standpoint,” said Julie O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer at AttackIQ and an Influitive customer. “I’m excited to see the combination of Influitive and PostBeyond, which will make it easier and more streamlined for marketing leaders to build relationships and brand awareness in social channels.”

Over the past 24 months, Influitive has seen 8 consecutive profitable quarters and combining with PostBeyond should accelerate Influitive’s growth and profitability as the two technologies merge. Influitive recently received multiple industry recognitions and awards, including being named a Top 100 Software Company, a Great Place to Work, and retaining G2 category leadership for both customer advocacy and online community management for 14 consecutive quarters.

About Influitive

Influitive works with forward-thinking marketers and digital businesses who want a better way to engage customers and mobilize advocates to increase referrals, references, reviews, case studies, and more. Our easy-to-use SaaS platform combines industry-leading customer advocacy tools, expert services, and training with intelligent automation, gamification, and personalization features that drive extreme engagement and customer growth at scale. Global brands such as ADP, Cisco, IBM, HPE, SoFi and Mountain Dew rely upon Influitive to help foster collaboration, build trust, and deepen relationships with customers for top-line growth and bottom-line profits. 

About PostBeyond

PostBeyond is a leading Employee Advocacy and Social Selling Platform that enables global enterprises and their employees to find and share relevant content with their social networks to reach, engage and influence, driving measurable business results. PostBeyond’s easy-to-use platform, training and robust analytics solves the challenge of getting an organization’s employee advocates active on social media. Customers such as Scotiabank, Randstad, Gainsight, Dynatrace, and more leverage PostBeyond to grow brand awareness, engage customers and make an impact on ROI.

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