Better customer stories, made easy.

Meeting your case study needs in a more authentic, relatable, and enjoyable format. Oh, and we handle most of the work.

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Customer stories written in the voice of—get this—your customers.

There’s a trust gap between what your prospects believe and what you’re trying to sell. 

The voice of your customer can fill that gap. Rather than a traditional case study, Upshot stories are written from your customer’s first-person perspective. Goodbye marketing fluff, hello synergy believability. See some examples.

Produce customer stories at scale.

With case studies, you spend most of your time interviewing the customer, writing the story, and dealing with approvals. Luckily for you, we handle all that. You identify customers, we handle production, you get a great marketing asset. It really can be that simple.

“Upshot is like magic. It’s a customer marketer’s dream.”

Courtney Struthers, Director, Customer Marketing and Advocacy at Talkdesk

Courtney Struthers

See why Courtney says she couldn’t be successful in her role without Upshot → 

Meet your marketing needs—without sounding like marketing wrote it.

Your customers’ authentic voice is your greatest weapon, but you still have marketing objectives. Finally, you don’t have to choose. We’re experts at taking your marketing vision and blending it with the story your customer wants to tell. Unlike traditional case studies, Upshot stories can hit anywhere from the top to bottom of the marketing funnel. 


“My coworkers saw the benefit of our new approach; saving money, saving time, and getting genuine customer stories that produce better results than the old way.”

Kathleen Orazio from Viewpoint
Valerio Battelli
Head of Global Advocacy and Operations


Talkdesk“With Upshot, we’re able to create compelling, real customer stories in a fraction of the time it takes to do a case study.”

Courtney Struthers
Director, Customer Marketing and Advocacy


Riedel Networks“Upshot stories are helpful to attract new leads and showcase our capabilities—even to analysts like Gartner—more easily.”

Michael Martens
Michael Martens



“We are consistently impressed with how our Upshot stories perform and find that in many cases they outperform more traditional case studies. They truly capture the authentic voice of our wonderful customers. The Upshot team is able to turn stories around incredibly quickly and makes the whole process very easy for our customers.”

Sara Steffen
Sara Steffen
Sr. Director, Customer Marketing



“We find that Upshot customer stories generate more organic shares by a factor of 10x versus traditional case studies. It’s become an increasingly important tool in our strategy of shining a light on authentic customer voices.” 

Gillian Farquhar

Gillian Farquhar
Vice President, Global Customer Marketing

In a world full of case studies, be a customer story.

Get authentic customer stories to enable your sales team and earn buyer trust.