TORONTO – April 19, 2017 – Today, Influitive announced the launch of a new set of tools designed to enable customer marketers to rapidly launch pre-built, goal-driven campaigns. Campaign Manager, as well as a new library of themed campaign templates, will give advocate marketers the power to engage their customers and advocates with campaigns that are more strategic than ever—and with little overhead to set up.

Today, many companies that want to deliver incredible customer experiences are stuck hiring massive customer success teams as they expand to thousands of customers. Campaign Manager addresses this challenge through sophisticated automation that enables companies to develop authentic relationships at scale. It allows organizations to engage customers in a personalized community with multi-stage campaigns that are easy to edit, target, and publish. Each campaign is a coordinated series of requests, called “Challenges,” with a theme or focus designed to achieve core success metrics.

Campaign Manager is part of Influitive’s core engagement platform, AdvocateHub, and it enables companies to:

  • Easily schedule and deploy pre-built, strategic campaigns with minimal administration effort
  • Increase advocate engagement by delighting customers with gamified, thematic missions
  • View a snapshot of the campaign’s performance in real-time
  • Access Influitive’s Campaign Content Library of fun and value-driven campaigns with timely themes around holidays, sporting events, space odysseys, and more

“Engaging more of our customers was a top priority,” said Kim Saloner, Community & Customer Marketing at Zenefits. “We deployed the ‘Trivia Time’ campaign to our Clubzen program and it immediately increased engagement. It mixes quiz-like challenges with company-driven requests, motivating important actions such as completing product feedback surveys and submitting online reviews and referrals. Our customers enthusiastically promoted our brand and shared their valuable insights. Campaign Manager lets me focus on creating meaningful experiences for my customer advocates by providing me with content that resonates.”

“We know that customer advocates want to help brands they love, but they must be engaged first. Campaigns allow us to engage them at scale,” said Mark Organ, founder and CEO of Influitive. “Our expertise in behavioural science and social triggers are the basis for the personalized experiences delivered to customer advocates through Campaign Manager. This is the foundation for moving beyond a customer-centric focus to creating a truly customer-powered organization that achieves marketing, sales, customer success, and product development objectives with advocates.”

Read more about Campaign Manager and Influitive’s proven campaigns-based approach:

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