The advocate marketing software vendor will collaborate with ABM platform, Terminus, to help marketers build comprehensive ABM technology solutions

TORONTO – Aug. 11, 2016 – Influitive has joined the ABM Cloud for Salesforce program, founded by Terminus and launched today at the #FlipMyFunnel conference in Boston. The partner program helps marketers select best-in-class ABM tools.

Influitive’s AdvocateHub is a purpose-built advocate marketing platform that enables companies to activate customer, partner and employee advocates at scale. AdvocateHub bridges fragmented, customer-focused initiatives and programs to systematically reach more advocates and get them to do more advocacy.

“Marketing has hit a wall because buyers are tuning out noise. Advocacy from trusted peers is the most effective way to penetrate target accounts with highly relevant, personalized messages and maximize the results of your account-based marketing strategy,” said Mark Organ, Founder and CEO of Influitive.

ABM Cloud for Salesforce, an invite-only partner program designed to provide marketers with a selection of web-based tools that support the execution of account-based marketing strategies at scale, has more than 30 vendors signed-on to the initiative. Each software tool connects with Salesforce to share data and are grouped into at least one of the five categories of an ABM technology stack:

  • Identify – tools for identifying potential accounts
  • Expand – tools for expanding reach within accounts
  • Engage – tools for engaging with accounts
  • Advocate – tools to help individuals within accounts become product champions
  • Measure – analytics tools that help marketers understand attribution and engagement from those accounts

The ABM Cloud is geared toward Salesforce users because it’s the most widely used SaaS CRM. Other joint projects will include a referral program, blogs, roadshows, webinars and whitepapers.

“Account-based marketing has emerged as a transformative strategy for B2B marketers yet there is a lack of clarity on how to build an integrated ABM technology solution. The ABM Cloud for Salesforce provides marketers a roadmap to developing a comprehensive solution that works with their existing eco-system while not being locked into one vendor,” says Sangram Vajre, CMO & co-founder of Terminus.

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Influitive is driving the shift from company-centric marketing to advocate marketing. We help B2B companies to spark, build and sustain a movement behind their brands through the voice of their most passionate advocates. Only the Influitive advocacy platform is purpose-built for driving deep human engagement at scale – persistently engaging customers, employees and partners to participate wherever advocacy happens. Influitive makes all of your marketing investments better, giving you an overwhelming advantage in expanding reach, accelerating sales revenue, and increasing customer retention and growth. To get started, please visit