TORONTO, ON – February 7, 2019 – Influitive announced today it has secured $10 million in equity and debt financing.  The investment was led by Georgian Partners and Comerica Bank, with participation from Relay Ventures and Export Development Canada. With deep expertise in Advocate Marketing, Influitive is leading transformational change as it helps build customer-powered enterprises.

“We founded Influitive based on the idea that the most successful sales and marketing comes from advocates,” says Mark Organ, CEO of Influitive. “But only through listening to our own customers, have we come to appreciate that we were focused too narrowly. We needed to think bigger to understand the impact that customers can have across nearly every function within an organization.”

The communities that Influitive helps create become vastly more powerful when all customers, even prospects, are invited to participate. The direct interactions amongst industry peers that are at different stages of their journey build trust and increase conversions from prospect to customer to advocate. Almost every program, initiative, and process can be improved by embedding knowledgeable and supportive customers and prospects that provide invaluable product feedback, help other customers succeed, generate content, and more.

“Really looking forward to what Influitive brings to our hubs in 2019,” exclaims Derick St-Hilaire, current Influitive customer and Marketing Coordinator at Devolutions. “We are currently working hard on expanding our hub to invite more customer advocates and go beyond marketing and sales.”

In the past year alone, Influitive has enhanced its AdvocateHub customer advocacy community platform with better usability, streamlined administration, pre-built campaigns, and numerous scalability and performance improvements to meet the needs of our rapidly growing customers. The funding announced today will drive an acceleration of these investments in the platform that’s enabling the customer-powered enterprise transformation.

In addition to enhancing  platform capabilities, Influitive is investing in growing its pool of expert community managers and advocate marketers to lead more successful programs. The company is also expanding its Canadian footprint to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where its growing team will continue to support customers in creating high-value communities.  

About Influitive

Influitive is driving the creation of Customer-Powered Enterprises. Our software and services help companies discover, nurture, and mobilize their advocates to accelerate sales and increase customer lifetime value. This practice, called Advocate Marketing, creates an engaged customer community where advocates convert prospects into customers and new customers into successful customers. The community supports departmental objectives from marketing to sales, customer success, product, and beyond. We believe the companies that put their customer advocates at the heart of their business are the ones that will win. Visit to learn more.