Release includes Influitive’s next-generation engagement platform, Salesforce and Khoros community embeds, Reference Management App for Salesforce AppExchange and PostBeyond AI with free trial offer


TORONTO, ON – October 26, 2023 – Influitive, the leading engagement platform for driving business by scaling loyalty and brand advocacy, today announced the release of its next-generation engagement platform and a suite of new products to increase the reach and power of its solutions.

“We’ve spent the last four years improving every aspect of our offering including refining our methodologies and improving our launch and support services, resulting in the highest levels of customer satisfaction in our history,” said Dan McCall, CEO at Influitive. “I’m now happy to report that we are ready with our next generation of software and a trio of new products built on top of the platform.”


Influitive Elevate Platform

Elevate is Influitive’s next-generation engagement platform that greatly improves the member experience and enables deeper integrations with third-party software. With a sleek and more modern UI, the re-architected Influitive platform performs 10x faster and delivers a consistent member experience, no matter what device you’re using. Other upgrades include a full-screen immersive activity window, and modernized referrals and rewards catalog pages. Your target audience will engage more meaningfully, seeing your brand through a lens of modern technology and improved ease of use. In addition to hub improvements, a new public API for Elevate enables companies to award points to customers and employees for completing actions wherever they are–inside or outside of an Influitive hub. The modularity and flexibility of the new platform enables new loyalty use cases that unify tech stacks and customer journeys and is the basis for delivering new products and AI features. Learn more about the new Influitive Elevate Platform.



Influitive Embed for Khoros Communities

Unlock the power of Influitive directly within your existing customer community running on Khoros. Community managers can now easily embed Influitive Challenges (incentivized activities) and Bounties to further boost engagement and peer-to-peer support to improve ROI. Bounties can be set for best answers, or for responding to idle topics or categories with low activity. Embedding Influitive into Khoros also enables companies to recruit their best community members to become brand advocates and mobilize them at scale leveraging Influitive’s robust and flexible rewards system. Learn more about Influitive Embed for Khoros Communities. 

Influitive Embed for Salesforce Communities

Everything available in our new Khoros app is also available to companies using Salesforce Communities to power their customer community. Influitive Embed for Salesforce Communities is available for download from the AppExchange marketplace, making it simple, easy and secure to deploy within your existing Salesforce infrastructure. Learn more about Influitive Embed for Salesforce Communities.


New Salesforce-Certified Reference Management App in AppExchange

Influitive’s Reference Management for Salesforce app uniquely automates–at scale–the sourcing, matching and rewarding of referenceable customers to advance and win sales opportunities. Sales reps can make reference requests directly in Salesforce and reference managers can fulfill them in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes using spreadsheets, emails and manual processes. With this release, Influitive becomes the only vendor that can both source and manage references in a single unified system. Influitive customers can save money by eliminating standalone reference management products and consolidating their advocacy and reference programs on the new Influitive software. Learn more about the new Reference Management for Salesforce app by Influitive.

Influitive and PostBeyond Integration and AI-Powered Advocacy

Influitive’s rewards system for customer advocacy programs can now be embedded seamlessly into our PostBeyond product to incentivize employee advocacy. The integration goes beyond the existing point system to recognize and reward your loyal employees for their efforts to enhance your brand. Additionally, PostBeyond customers will soon experience integrated groundbreaking AI-powered caption generation.

For content and social media marketers, this means creating uniquely crafted social posts for employees and avoiding the redundancy often seen in shared posts. PostBeyond AI caption generation is the first in a collection of AI features Influitive is planning to deliver. Learn more about PostBeyond embedded rewards and AI capabilities now in beta.

PostBeyond Full-Feature Free Trial

Influitive is also unveiling a free, full-feature 30-day trial of PostBeyond, its industry-leading platform for employee advocacy and social selling. Request a PostBeyond trial by clicking here.


“Successful marketing leaders and business executives understand that retention and growth through your customers is the winning strategy,” said Dan Cote, CMO at Influitive. “Building a community of brand advocates is foundational to that effort, which is why we’ve made it easier than ever to try, buy and rely upon Influitive products.”

Influitive will be hosting a live webinar on November 15th at 1 pm ET that will showcase these new features.


About Influitive 

Influitive is the leading engagement platform for driving business growth by developing and scaling brand advocacy. Our unique combination of targeted and personalized content, recognition and rewards will improve any business outcome, and is ideal for creating thriving advocacy, community and loyalty programs for customers, partners and employees.

Leading software and technology companies — including Adobe, Cisco, IBM and VMware — rely upon Influitive to achieve their acquisition, retention and growth goals in today’s digital world where buyers are in control and the post-sale journey and customer experience matters more than ever. Influitive is a certified Great Place To Work.