Mobilize Customer Advocates

What you need is an army of advocates

Today’s buyers are increasingly leveraging their peers’ opinions. By capturing the enthusiasm of their best customers, followers, and evangelists, marketers gain direct support for their sales and marketing programs.

From social media reviews and customer referrals, to case studies and references, passionate advocates help support all stages of the buying cycle.

The lowdown on advocate marketing

Advocates aren’t just satisfied customers. They’re enthusiasts who embrace your company’s vision, and willingly advance your interests through their interactions with others. Whether by sharing experiences online, referring new business or recommending your products, these supporters have an enormous – but sometimes unseen—influence on your brand, demand generation, and pipeline efforts.

In today’s world, one of the most powerful things you can do as a marketer is to find, organize, and mobilize these advocates.

How will advocate marketing help my company achieve its goals?


Every B2B company wants more referrals, which are the highest quality leads you’ll ever get. Advocates are willing to help you connect with the people in their networks who can benefit most from your solutions.


Easily build a pool of advocates willing to share their experiences. Then, help your sales team select the advocates who are most relevant to their prospects’ industry, seniority, and use cases.


Online reviews help buyers make better decisions. Unbiased perspectives provide powerful insights, so when your advocates are contributing to the wisdom of the crowd, your prospects gain confidence.

User-generated content

Tips and tricks from actual customers are golden, and your advocates will invest the time to capture their experience in ways that can help many others. They can also produce blog comments and activity that boost SEO efforts and inbound leads.

Social sharing

Up to 70% of content produced by B2B marketers goes unused. Advocate marketing programs can act as an effective content distribution network by getting advocates to share your content to their networks.

Product feedback

A company is only as good as the product or service it delivers. The best way to ensure your product meets expectations is through constant market feedback that a powerful advocate program can give you in real-time—from your ideal customers.

Build Your Customer Advocacy Marketing Strategy With Influitive

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