Influitive AdvocateHub Overview

Engaging by design

By combining good design and smart gamification, customers are motivated and incentivized to engage. Influitive’s platform offers a powerful way to engage your customers and improve all aspects of your business.

Personalized experiences

Target customers, advocates, or prospects with the content that they care about and deliver it at the right time. Generate product feedback from detractors and give promoters opportunities to advocate.

Optimized for real value

Companies suffer when their customers don’t engage, and we don’t mean it in the fluffy sense. “Feel good” intangible benefits are attractive, but insufficient to maintain the kind of long-term, valuable stakeholder participation and insights your organization needs. Today’s customer engagement needs to deliver and track ROI—we do both.

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“Because of Influitive, we now feel more confident when prospects are researching us that they are going to have a good first impression of our product and brand.”

Tiffany Beddow,
Customer Marketing Director, ON24

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