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2020 BAMMIE award submissions now open

The 7th Annual BAMMIE Award Submissions are NOW OPEN through November 6th, 2020.

These awards highlight companies and individuals who have set the standard for advocate marketing success through mobilizing their fans, advocates, and customers to support important business objectives. You can submit you application within Influitive’s VIP Community (if you do not have an account, please contact your Influitive CSM).


1. Most Engaged Advocate Community

You’ve excelled at building an amazing advocate community that keeps them coming back for more.

The winner of this award will show how they built a highly engaged advocate community that includes re-engagement tactics or campaigns leveraged to keep engagement strong and, as a result, have a high percentage of their overall advocates engaged in their community.

2. Best “Out-Of-The-Box” Initiative

You’ve excelled in building an amazing group of customer advocates–but that wasn’t enough! You never let the box restrict you from doing BIG things. Instead you challenged the norm and ran with an initiative no one else even considered…

The winner of this award will show how they elevated their advocate program in a creative way. Whether that means engaging different personas, giving your advocates the reigns, replicating a virtual community in real life… The sky’s the limit here people!

3. Best Advocate Impact on Product Development

Having a supportive advocate community is key for developing a long lasting product that is designed for what it’s customers and users want or need. From beta groups to product feedback to customer advisory boards, your community can help boost the development and go-to-market strategy for your company’s products.

This award will go to an advocate program that showcases how it has leveraged its community to drive product innovation and support product development in meaningful ways.

4. Biggest Sales Impact by Advocates

Your brand advocates are key to driving and influencing sales pipeline. Through referrals, references, cross-selling, and social proof – advocates are the key to driving sales revenue and success. Your advocates want to show your sales prospects how amazing your company is and why they should join the club!

This award will showcase how advocates and an advocate community can support and accelerate sales for an organization, including its influence on sales pipeline.

5. Best Program ROI

It’s the domino effect: your advocate marketing campaign moved your advocates to action, and their actions moved the needle on your business metrics, impacting your business in a measurable way.

The winner of this award will share how their program generated measurable results in areas such as: improvements in brand perception/reach, product quality/innovation, customer lifetime value, traffic, conversion, leads, opportunities, pipeline acceleration, or revenue. Nominees should be prepared to submit results of their program and describe how the program success is calculated and tracked.

6. Best Branded Hub – NEW!

Your advocate community and your brand identity goes hand-in-hand. You have effectively built your advocate program around your company’s’ brand and is designed to raise customer loyalty, trust, and making connections between your customers, product and company.

The winner of this award will showcase they infused their brand values, personality, and identity throughout their advocate community by showcasing their core business values, overall structure, content and visuals.

7. Biggest Impact on Customer Experience

Customer experience and advocacy go hand-in-hand. The best advocacy programs help scale the CS function, while enhancing the customer experience along their entire customer journey–from pre-sale to post-sale.

This award showcases how to best leverage an advocate community to support the customer journey, scale customer relationships, and ultimately retain customers.

8. Best Use of Advocates at a Virtual Event – NEW!

You can draw crowds and manage virtual events like a pro. You know that nothing makes a virtual event more memorable than a crowd of advocates who infuse every keynote, session, and networking opportunities with their passion and excitement.

The winner of this award mobilized their advocates and leveraged advocacy to transform a standard event, such as a virtual conference, meet-up, or user group, into an extraordinary display of the power of advocacy.

9. Best Emerging Program

Ready, Set, Launch! This award is dedicated to those who have launched their advocate program within the past 18 months and have already seen some impressive results. You have effectively gotten buy-in from internal stakeholders and have built a strategy for your advocate program with both—short-term and long-term goals designed to benefit both your company and your customers.

The winner of this award will go to an advocate program that has effectively developed and executed their advocate program strategy and has seen remarkable results right out the gate.

10. People’s Choice: Most Passionate Community – NEW!

The Most Passionate Community award celebrates the best overall advocate marketing strategy, tactics and results. We’re not looking for ideas and dreams here. We’re looking for a program that has delivered measurable value through inspiring and flawless execution.

Because it’s so important, we let your advocates decide (and put our nominees’ advocate marketing programs to the test!) Share your story and be sure to include testimonials from your advocates that detail why THEY think you have the best advocate marketing program around! The winner of this award will be determined by popular vote that will take place in your own advocate community.

A challenge template will be available from November 20-27th, 2020 to publish within your advocate community. Influitive will count the votes to determine the winner of this award.

11. Advocate Marketer of the Year

All other award categories speak to the power of an advocate marketing campaign, the customer experience or the business results. But it’s visionary marketers that bring these programs to life, and this award recognizes an individual for their vision and achievements.

The winner will have served as an agent of change in their organization, rallying others to embrace the power of advocate marketing. They are a driving force behind their program, who demonstrates not only an understanding for how advocacy can benefit the business, but the leadership necessary to bring their vision to life.

12-14. Advocate Marketing Program of the Year

Note: there will be a SMB, Mid-Market and Enterprise winner for this award

This is it, the big one. Other marketers sparked a little magic, but you made it rain. The Advocate Marketing Program of the Year award celebrates the best overall advocate marketing strategy, tactics and results. We’re not looking for ideas and dreams here. We’re looking for a program that has delivered measurable value through inspiring and flawless execution.

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