Advocate Marketing Awards

Got fans?

If you’ve got advocates – and aren’t afraid to make them part of your marketing – it’s time you got recognized for your efforts!

The Best Advocate Marketing Awards, also known as the BAMMIES, bestow the highest honor on B2B companies, large and small, that are taking the future by force and mobilizing advocates through marketing that is smart, engaging, intuitive, powerful and effective.

This year, awards are being given in 10 key categories designed to recognize creative excellence, innovation and results in B2B advocate marketing. Committed to recognizing the best of the best, the BAMMIES are open to B2B companies of all sizes in all markets.

Learn more and Apply to the BAMMIES 2018!

Check out our award categories and make sure you apply by the deadline of September 12th to be considered for a BAMMIE Award! Only the top 10 companies and individuals will take home their Best Advocate Marketing Awards at an exclusive dinner and awards ceremony in Toronto during the Advocamp Conference taking place October 3-4th.