BAMMIES 2016 Submission Page

The winners have been announced. Click here to see who took home a BAMMIE!

Congratulations to the winners! 

  • 1 Best Referral Program

    “I know a guy who knows a guy.”

    What’s better than a lead referred to your business by a happy advocate? Some businesses pray for these referral leads. Not you. You made referrals a predictable engine of growth built on a foundation of advocacy.

    The winner of this award will have a referral program that their advocates enjoy participating in, and that has generated leads that resulted in sales.

  • 2 Best Product Review Campaign

    First Rate Reviews

    You’ve got products, and they need reviews. Not just any reviews – five star reviews! Your solution is advocate marketing and the results speak for themselves.

    The winner of this award will have a unique approach to soliciting and obtaining customer reviews. Nominees will demonstrate a sustained, effective campaign to gather glowing product/company reviews, recommendations and endorsements through their advocate marketing program.

  • 3 Best Social Engagement

    A Little Birdie Told Me So…

    You are a true digital butterfly – a social media darling that inspires tweets and likes wherever you go. You are not satisfied simply by the number of followers or friends you have – you need engagement.

    The winner of this award has significantly increased the reach and effectiveness of social media campaigns through the active participation of advocates.

  • 4 Best Use of Advocates at an Event

    Building Event Buzz with an Advocate Swarm

    You can draw crowds and manage events as good as any other marketing pro. But nothing makes an event more memorable than a crowd of advocates that infuse every keynote, session and reception with their passion and excitement.

    The winner of this award mobilized their advocates to transform the standard B2B event, such as a conference or user group, into an extraordinary gathering of enthusiasts.

  • 5 Best Advocate Community

    One Big Happy Family

    This is the story of your collective group of fans – a community that goes far beyond product support. This is a group of individuals who positively engage each other to discuss your organization and the industry as whole.

    The company that wins this award will share the story of how they have nurtured their group of advocates to develop raving community that delivers serious benefits for your business.

  • 6 Best Content Creation

    Marketing is better when we do it together

    Every company wants an army (or nation!) of advocates shouting their praise from the mountain tops.

    This award will go to the company that has catalyzed the greatest advocacy momentum in support of their content. Whether it’s a blog post, eBook or webinar we want to know how your advocates have effectively and efficiently helped you create your content. Think crowdsource but more “oomph!”

  • 7 Best Advocate Experience

    If It Feels Good, Do It

    True advocates simply want to be recognized for their contributions and to feel like they are part of your organization. Creating that experience requires creativity, planning and communication.

    The winner of this award engaged fans by creating a kind of special experience that strengthened advocate relationships and loyalty. The winner of this award created a truly rewarding advocate experience.

  • 8 Big Bam Business Impact

    Fueling the Fire with Advocacy

    It’s the domino effect: your advocate marketing campaign moved your advocates to action, and their actions moved the needle on your business metrics, impacting your business in a measurable way.

    The winner of this award will share how their program generated measurable results in areas such as: improvements in brand perception, traffic, conversion, leads, opportunities, pipeline acceleration and revenue. Nominees should be prepared to submit results of their program and describe how the program success is calculated and tracked.

  • 9 Advocate Marketer of the Year

    The Advocate Marketing Hall of Fame

    All other award categories speak to the power of an advocate marketing campaign, the customer experience or the business results. But it’s visionary marketers that bring these programs to life, and this award recognizes an individual for their vision and achievements.

    The winner will have served as an agent of change in their organization, rallying others to embrace the power of advocate marketing. They are a driving force behind their program, who demonstrates not only an understanding for how advocacy can benefit the business, but the leadership necessary to bring their vision to life.

  • 10 Advocate Marketing
    Program of the Year

    People’s Choice

    This is it, the big one. Other marketers sparked a little magic, but you made it rain. The Advocate Marketing Program of the Year award celebrates the best overall advocate marketing strategy, tactics and results. We’re not looking for ideas and dreams here. We’re looking for a program that has delivered measurable value through inspiring and flawless execution.

    Because it’s so important, we let the people decide (and put the nominees’ advocate marketing programs to the test!).