AdvocateHub: Engagement & Advocacy Software

AdvocateHub lets companies create a community of “on-demand” advocates.

Through a unique mix of personalization and game design, AdvocateHub makes advocating for your brand a rewarding experience for customers, developers, employees and partners.

Reporting and integrations let your team see the impact advocates have across your business and creating meaningful relationships with your biggest fans.

How Influitive Works

AdvocateHub Features

Engage advocates with targeted, interactive challenges

Give your advocates a personalized journey with a series of customized challenges.

Target challenges based on advocate preferences, demographics, or past behavior. An interactive activity feed provides curated suggestions for what advocates can do next—based on real-time activities and conversations happening between other advocates.

The more challenges they complete, the more badges, levels and activities they unlock.

Challenges can educate advocates, collect feedback, share NPS surveys, or give them a mission to complete—like sharing a testimonial, becoming a reference, or writing a blog. The only limit to the types of challenges you can create is your team’s imagination.

Engage advocates with targeted, interactive challenges

Give advocates what they crave: exclusivity, recognition and rewards

Build trusted, long-term, relationships with advocates by making them feel special and appreciated.

Give them access to exclusive perks, content, contests, rewards and opportunities-including sneak peeks at new products, branded swag, VIP treatment at your next event, or the chance to interact with your C-suite.

Advocates get instant gratification when they complete activities with points. Points can be used to climb the community leaderboard, or be redeemed for rewards.

The rewards catalogue and automated rewards fulfillment features make recognizing advocates easy.

Give advocates what they crave: exclusivity, recognition and rewards

Build a thriving community

Give advocates what they crave: the chance to connect with their peers.

Profiles (which include your advocate’s social media profiles, photo, points, levels and badges)let advocates get to know each other and see where they stack up on the leaderboard.

Discussions let advocates collaborate, share best practices, plan meetups or ask each other for help. (Hello reduced support costs!)

Advocate-to-advocate messaging lets them network privately with other members and your team.

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Build a thriving community
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Create a seamless experience

Craft a cohesive customer experience by branding your AdvocateHub so it matches your other customer-facing properties.

Single sign-on (SSO) let’s advocates easily enter your program with pre-existing login credentials.

Create a seamless experience

Advocacy on the go

Engage advocates with on-the-go experiences that makes advocacy an enjoyable (and non-intrusive) experience.

Our native AdvocateHub iOS and Android apps offer mobile access to AdvocateHub, giving your advocates the flexibility they want.


Our AdvocateAnywhere solution can also be embedded into other properties you own to uncover new advocates and re-engage current program members outside of the AdvocateHub.

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Advocacy on the go

Start a referral engine

Ask your biggest advocates to open their (virtual) rolodexes and introduce you to peers in their networks with our referrals features.

Run campaigns and easily collect and track advocate referrals to feed your sales pipeline.

Give advocates visibility into every step of the process and automatically award them points at key milestones in the buying process. This will make them want to refer again and again.

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Start a referral engine

Integrate advocacy into everything

Make tracking the business impact of your advocacy program easier with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing automation and reference program integrations.

AdvocateHub also integrates with popular social platforms and product review websites to automatically confirm advocate activity, which makes their experience more seamless.

Our documented APIs simplify custom integrations.

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Integrate advocacy into everything

Track and measure your advocates’ impact

Drive deeper engagement and more acts of brand advocacy with our dashboards and reports, which track the activities and rewards that motivate your advocates the most.

AdvocateHub’s out-of-the-box reporting lets you customize, schedule and share reports on social shares and clicks, NPS, email deliverability, program spend, referral and reference progress, and challenge completions.

See how your program stacks up to industry benchmarks so you can fine tune on the fly.

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Track and measure your advocates’ impact