10 Features Your Advocate Marketing Platform Should Have

Technology plays a critical role in managing the advocate marketing organization.

Today, most marketers manage advocate activity using applications like spreadsheets and personal email.

Some organizations can identify and engage a handful of advocates in a manual fashion, but they have no process and no underlying technology in place to manage a larger number of advocates in a systematic way.


An advocate marketing platform will allow the Advocate Marketing Manager to organize, consistently communicate with, and mobilize hundreds or thousands of advocates. Neither a spreadsheet nor even a CRM application has the right functionality to support this process in the same way.

There are a handful of core requirements to focus on when evaluating advocate marketing software or other technology options:

A home for the advocates

A web portal where the advocates can sign in to find the latest “asks”, stay up-to-date and track their status.

The right advocate experience

There are psychological principles at work in the act of advocacy. Program members need to be engaged, challenged and entertained when answering the call for help. They need instant gratification and recognition for their efforts. They may be seeking status through their advocacy. Advocate marketing platforms must keep these principles in play to ensure high engagement and task completion.

Basic campaign management

A communication system that makes it easy to ask the right advocate segments for help on the right kind of campaigns.

Advocate marketing management

An application that is used by the advocate marketing team to manage advocates, asks and recognition.

Advocate segmentation

Certain campaigns and “asks” may only be appropriate for a specific segment of your advocates. Segmentation allows you to group and manage advocates by their persona.


Dashboards and reports that provide visibility into advocate activity and program effectiveness.

Advanced features


badgesThe ability to ascribe points, badges and other rewards to the various “asks” that advocates can earn over time.

Point totals may be presented in a leaderboard or can be used to create various status levels that advocates can attain.

Gamification has been proven to increase and maintain advocate engagement.

Social interactions

Allowing advocates to see that other advocates are participating in campaigns, and to interact with other advocates and their social network at large while participating in campaigns, provides a more enjoyable and engaging experience, encourages networking among your advocates, and amplifies the reach of your advocate marketing program as a whole.

Rewards fulfillment

The application tracks the delivery of rewards based on advocate achievement levels.

CRM integration

Advocate activities should be kept in the main customer records of a CRM system for the rest of the organization to leverage.

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