Listening to a podcast is an intimate experience. Even though radio is dying, podcasts are experiencing a big resurgence thanks to the ease with which people can listen to them on their mobile devices.

As a result, it seems like there’s a podcast for every interest, TV show or pop culture phenomenon in existence.


I’m looking at you, Cat Lady Podcast.

Even brands like Harley-Davidson and David’s Tea are getting in on the podcasting game.

If you like to focus on furthering your career and improving your knowledge during your daily commute, here’s a list of the top podcasts for B2B marketers you should subscribe to.

1. Flip The Switch

What it’s all about: You can expect big things from Uberflip’s weekly podcasts. Hear forward-thinking marketers talk about the tools, tactics and processes behind how they drive growth for their companies and optimize their marketing campaigns. (Subscribe here.)

Notable guests:

Featured podcast: Get the inside scoop on how Anum Hussain, Senior Growth Marketer at Hubspot, enhanced their subscriber base and organic search with the launch of their new product, Sidekick.

2. #NobodyLikesItCold

What it’s all about: In this podcast, Luke Davies interviews successful sales leaders, CEOs, CMOs and sales pros every week to learn about their strategies, knowledge and path to success (listen to it here). There’s certainly nothing cold about these interviews (Get it?).

Notable guests:

Featured podcast: Mark Organ discusses a vast range of topics that all entrepreneurs, sales leaders and marketers can learn from, including emotional selling, hiring your first salesperson, micro vertical rollout strategies, and much more.

3. Unpodcast: The Business Podcast For the Fed-Up

What it’s all about: If you’re sinking in the pile of excess information on how to improve your business Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer can help. The UnPodcast series filters out the misinformation, bad advice and misuse of business tools so conversations about what really drives success can be discussed. Listen to get real-life examples and tips on branding, networking, customer service and more.

Notable guests:

Featured podcast: In their 111th episode, Scott and Alison break down some of the most inappropriate and misleading things customer representatives say about their products, events, and more. You’ll walk away with a list of things to NEVER say to your customers…

4. Start Some Shift

What it’s all about: If you’ve been shamed for “being too expensive”, asked “what do you even do?” or told, “You know, I can buy that somewhere else” then this bi-weekly podcast is perfect for you. By listening to Start Some Shift, you’ll learn how to craft a desirable brand from top experts.

Notable guests:

Featured podcast: Lara McCulloch invites Amanda Serfozo and Joseph Rooks of Lexicontent to take on some of her most commonly asked questions around content. A few examples include, “How do I create great stuff to share in social media?”, “How often should I post?”, “Is there a way to connect my content to sales…without being salesy?”

5. The Growth Show

What it’s all about: Hubspot knows exactly how to drive growth, ideas, teams and a movement. Pair that together with other business leaders who’ve done the same—and you have one incredibly inspiring podcast. Subscribe to hear pros unpack their strategies and processes for hyper-growth.

Notable guests:

Featured podcast: Using algorithms and machine learning, Matthew Ramirez (of WriteLab) wants to help people become better writers by analyzing their style and providing suggestions on how to improve. In this episode, he discusses the biggest challenges he’s faced by taking on such a bold business idea.

6. Under The Influence

What it’s all about: How cool would it be to have a free, exclusive pass into the ad industry? That’s just what host Terry O’Reilly delivers on Under The Influence. Subscribe to hear the intriguing stories behind some of the most compelling ads and marketing campaigns in history.

Featured podcast: This episode is all about marketers and the words they’ve invented over the years that have made their way into our dictionaries. Explore the world of marketing and discover which words you’ve picked up from famous advertising copy. (The answers may surprise you.)

7. Community Signal

What it’s all about: If you’re just “doing” social media, you’re probably not doing it right. This podcast focuses on how brands can bring together social media marketing to create lively online communities that help increase user loyalty and retention. See for yourself!

Notable guests:

Featured podcast: Evan Hamilton discusses the importance of keeping customers and increasing their lifetime value through community. In this episode, you’ll learn how commitment curves can help plot a course for user contributions, why free speech can be problematic for online communities and the legality of online community volunteers.

8. Ramp

What it’s all about: Calling all data-driven thinkers: this SaaS analytics podcast allows you to learn how thought leaders, sales experts and analysts use data to transform and ramp their business. If you’re interested in growing your SaaS company, subscribe now.

Notable guests:

Featured podcast: CEO and Founder of Score More Sales, Lori Richardson, believes that most companies underestimate the need for powerful, in-depth sales training. That’s why she’s leading the discussion on why metrics-driven sales training and onboarding can make a huge impact on SaaS companies.

9. Social Selling Podcast

What it’s all about: We all know social media is taking over the Internet, so we might as well learn how to apply social selling strategies to our marketing efforts. Thankfully, we have two sales and marketing evangelists (Greg Hyer and Martin Brossman) who know the ropes of Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and can help everyday professionals expand their business (listen here).

Notable guests:

Featured podcast: Hosts Greg and Martin introduce their new sales training platform, SocialSelling.Training, to forward-thinking business professionals looking to improve their social selling skills. Also expect to hear recent events at Twitter including the leadership changes and financial performance.

10. I Love Marketing

What it’s all about: Join a worldwide community of marketers who have a passion for learning about all things marketing on I Love Marketing. Hear innovative executives share actionable strategies on topics like direct mail, demand generation, lead conversion, referrals, email marketing and much more. Join the conversation!

Notable guests:

Featured podcast: Anyone looking to enhance productivity,will want to listen to this episode. Dave Crenshaw, author of “The Myth of Multitasking: How ‘Doing It All’ Gets Nothing Done”, discusses effective ways to embrace chaos and keep moving forward with your business.

11. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

What it’s all about: Entrepreneurs and marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to market and position their products, and the Duct Tape Marketing podcast is the place to find them. Subscribe to hear in-depth discussions about content creation, rules of sales/service and the impact of referrals from executives at interesting companies.

Notable guests:

  • Stu Heinecke, Wall St. Journal cartoonist, marketer, podcaster and author of “How to Get a Meeting with Anyone”
  • Scott Oldford, Strategy and Direction of INFINITUS Marketing + Technology
  • Jason Fried, CEO and Co-founder of Basecamp

Featured podcast: Scheduling a meeting with the right prospects, vendors and professionals can be tough. Stu Heinecke, a Wall St. Journal cartoonist and author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, shares his techniques for reaching out without sounding desperate.

12. Social Trigger Insider

What it’s all about: This podcast gives you an opportunity to really think about your customers through the fields of psychology and human behaviour. Host Derek Halpern covers a wide range of topics like, “How to charge 100x more than your competitors”, “How people make decisions” and “How to get major media coverage for your business with no connections.” (Subscribe here)

Notable guests:

  • Daniel Pink, Best-selling author
  • Adam Grant, the New York Times best-selling author of “Give and Take,”
  • Charles Duhigg, Investigative journalist for the New York Times and New York Times best-selling author

Featured podcast: According to Adam Grant, there are three types of people in the world: givers, takers and matchers. Find out which one you are, why it’s significant and how you can maximize your personality in your personal and professional life.

13. Build Your Tribe

What it’s all about: In this podcast, top influencers talk about building content that matters and converts. Host Chalene Johnson asks the questions everyone wants to know around creating content that strengthens your brand’s messaging.

Notable guests:

Featured podcast: On this episode, you hear tips about how to get ahead in your career and life…while sitting in your car.

14. Six Pixels of Separation

Featured podcast: The world of marketing has changed thanks to our “always on,” connected world. Join host Mitch Joel as he breaks down the new opportunities digital marketers need to take advantage of in Six Pixels of Separation. (Subscribe here.)

Notable guests:

  • Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google
  • Morgan Spurlock, President and Founder of Warrior Poets Entertainment, Documentary filmmaker (Super Size Me, Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?)

Featured podcast: Mitch explains why content is not advertising, new ways brands are creating ads and his take on the future of content.

15. Antipreneur

What it’s all about: I’ll let Ben Settle’s iTunes description sum up his podcast: “Love him, hate him or leave him… his controversial perspectives on business, marketing and the inner game of success will entertain, offend or piss you off—guaranteed, or your money back. Listener discretion is advised.”

Featured podcast: In his latest episode, “Why only chumps pay for informational products”, Ben Settle talks about the huge difference between buying and paying for books, newsletters, membership sites and courses.

16. The Social Media Clarity Podcast

What it’s all about: Take 15 minutes out of your day to get a concentrated analysis and tips about social media platforms and product design in the Social Media Clarity Podcast. Subscribe to get enjoy these quick—but insightful—discussions between hosts Randy Farmer, Scott Moore and Marc Smith, plus some special guests.

Notable guests:

Featured podcast: Marc takes the reins on this episode and digs deep into the topic of influencers. More specifically, he explains how to find and connect with specific influential people, or “mayors”, and how they can increase engagement within your network.

17. B2B Growth Show

What it’s all about: According to its iTunes description, B2B Growth Show is “dedicated to helping B2B executives achieve explosive growth.” This podcast covers a lot of ground in order to keep that promise. In each episode, hosts James Carbary & Jonathan Green chat with a B2B marketing and sales exec about anything and everything from leadership and team-building, partnerships and negotiating, to sales strategy, development, and effective prospecting.

Notable guests:
John Barrows, Owner of j.barrows LLC
Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing Inc

Featured podcast: Episode #183 “What Do You Do With Your Customers That Love You The Most?” features former Influitive VP of Marketing Jim Williams. He explains the concept of advocacy—why we trust word of mouth more than email campaigns—and how advocacy brings a human touch to marketing.

18. Customer Marketing Radio

What it’s all about: Seasoned podcast host Steve Gershik’s current show is the first ever to focus exclusively on post-acquisition marketing. His guests are industry experts who bring their professional expertise and points of view to the table to discuss everything from the customer experience, product adoption, to customer advocacy and retention. (Listen and subscribe now).

Notable guests:
Laura Ramos: Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
Jim Williams: VP of Marketing at Influitive

Featured podcast: For the first episode of Customer Marketing Radio, Steve sat down with Forrester Analyst Laura Ramos to discuss customer expectations, experience, and advocacy in “The Age of the Customer.”

19. Community Pulse

What it’s all about: Last on our list, but certainly not least: Community Pulse. Like the name suggests, this podcast is heavily focused on communities—specifically in the tech space. Hosts Mary Thengvall and Jason Hand interview masters in the field of community leadership and management so you get the best advice for building a strong online community. (Subscribe here!)

Notable guests:

  • Jono Bacon, Director of Community at GitHub and Columnist at Forbes
  • Andrew Hyde, Startup Week Director at Techstars and Founder of Inside Travel Guides
  • Tim Falls, VP of Community at

Featured podcast: David Spinks, CEO of CMX Media, and Carrie Jones, Director of Content at CMX Media, discuss the idea of community as the future of business. Through their discussion, listeners can expect to learn what it’s like to build community on a professional level and how to set standards for this new role.

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This blog post was updated on Oct. 26, 2016. It was originally published on Feb. 29, 2016.