At Influitive, we help forward-thinking teams deliver superb customer experiences. How? Through customer advocacy and community, we mobilize them to be successful and drive mutually beneficial outcomes. To reinforce this with our own customers this year, the Influitive product team wanted to hone in on what would be most important to them and truly make this the year of the customer. With many product ideas sourced from our VIP customer hub and feedback on different designs and features that needed improving, we focused on the use cases that drove the most value. So without further ado let’s dig in! 

Salesforce Advocacy Insights

This integration enables you to send every key activity like acts of advocacy, discussions and challenge responses to Salesforce on both the contact and account record. Teams can take full advantage of data generated in their hubs, opening up the possibility for new workflows. As of today, 56% of our customers are using our Salesforce integration.

New Editing Options and Pick Lists for Custom Profile Fields

To improve the collection and quality of data in an Influitive AdvocateHub, we added new editing options and pick lists for custom profile fields. Members can now easily update their own information outside of a challenge, ensuring data is up-to-date. We also introduced pick lists, to keep data clean and standardized for essential fields like industry, products used, and company size. 

Apple Sign-In

Many users like to log in using their iPhones, iPads, or Macbooks. Now they can sign up or log in using their Apple ID, which offers additional security and privacy features. 

Embedded Videos in Banner

This year, we also introduced a brand new content paradigm giving customers the ability to embed videos in their custom banners. Program managers can use this functionality to run webinars or events, store and target on-demand content, or add something fun for members to engage with. In fact, one of our hubs has already embedded 119 videos! 

Custom Content

This feature lets program managers create, edit and publish content. Whether compiling a knowledge base, release notes, or an event agenda, customers have a new way to organize important information with the flexibility to upload various file types like photos, videos, pdfs, presentations, and more. Since launch, our customers have already published over 1600 unique pages!

Public Discussions and Content

Content alone is good, but public, SEO-optimized content is often better! With public discussions and content, your community truly becomes open and discoverable. Anyone on earth can find you, take advantage of the forums and pages you’ve built, and quickly sign up or ask to join your hub. PagerDuty has done an exceptional job leveraging this to become more discoverable and grow their program. Check out our recent blog interview to learn more about their early success and future plans. So far we’ve seen public content receive over 3x the traffic of private content.

Topic Actions

Whether public or private, discussions can offer a wealth of information and contain a robust collection of features. With voting, Q&A, tagging, moderation, and the ability to award points for engaging, discussions are already a vibrant and dynamic place. Topic Actions takes that one step further as discussion topics or replies can be sent to external systems for further action. Program admins can send product ideas to Jira, support questions to Zendesk or action items to team members over email or workflow management tools like Asana. It has never been easier to get critical information in front of colleagues, partners and other key stakeholders who may not be active AdvocateHub users. 

This year we’ve seen topics sent to Asana, Gmail, Jira, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, HelpScout, Salesforce and more! 

Zapier App

To make Influitive work even better with other software, we created our own Zapier app, significantly cutting down the time it takes to build integrations. There are tons of useful triggers and events for you to browse and build Zaps with. The possibilities for automation are vast, and as of today, we’ve seen 32 unique applications connected. 

Upgraded Email Capabilities

Email continues to be a key channel for communication and customer engagement. We knew it was time to level up both the Digest Email and Inactive Members email.

For the Digest Email, we gave more schedule flexibility so you can send emails anytime, respecting your member’s timezones. The Inactive Members email automatically helps you re-engage members. This year, we gave you full control of the copy and survey options to help you get in touch with members, using messages that will resonate and let you ask the right questions. 

Contact Deletion

Whether program admins want to remove individuals or take action in bulk, cleaning an  AdvocateHub and invite lists have never been easier. And, with Lenses just around the corner, customers can say goodbye to test accounts forever! 

Reporting 360 Beta

Reporting and analytics is a core component and getting even better. We want to make it as easy as possible for program managers to monitor their progress and pull the reports needed to share results and value with stakeholders. The new Reporting 360 beta brought better discussion insights, a new custom content report, and added challenge responses and custom profile fields as filtering options. Hello, new data! 

Badges and Levels

Achievements are essential to any program that rewards time and effort. With the Badges and Levels updates, we brought a comprehensive overhaul of big UI and UX improvements. Creating badges and levels is simpler, and with new visual progress indicators, members can see just how close they are to attaining their goals! 


This year, we worked hard to improve our app’s performance, provide better user experiences, and deliver innovative, high-quality and comprehensive enhancements to our entire product. We worked hard to keep you up-to-date on everything we’ve been up to and will continue to do so with each upgrade and new feature. 

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