“Business is booming!”

That’s the answer everyone wants to give when asked, “How’s business?” It doesn’t matter the size or type of company you are part of, department you work in, or role you have. That answer—if true—has vast positive implications on an individual and organizational level.

Business doesn’t boom without consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences (CX), and that matters most for outperforming CEOs, according to this 2021 IBM study. Great CX isn’t possible without exceptional employee experiences (EX), which is harder to achieve in the post-pandemic, distributed workforce world we all operate in. CX and EX are two sides of the same coin and no matter how you flip it, advocacy will be part of the resulting experience.

Advocacy is the currency for business and the fuel for explosive growth. Successful marketing executives who understand this make advocacy programs an essential part of their go-to-market strategy. They also know that advocacy isn’t something you simply “turn on”: Yes, software like Influitive’s can help scale these programs, but ultimately it’s about making human connections and building relationships that have enduring value for everyone involved.

Engagement is the foundation for advocacy for any audience

Whether you want customers, employees, or partners to advocate for your brand, it doesn’t happen without common interest, genuine interaction, and mutual trust. Once that is established, authentic engagement happens, and advocacy takes root. Understanding your audience’s wants, needs and level of satisfaction is a prerequisite to asking for acts of advocacy.

Customer engagement drives new business growth

There’s no better way to attract new business than through your existing customers. Customer stories are your best content, customer referrals are your best marketing leads, and customer references are your best sales pitches. Collectively, it’s what buyers seek, trust, and value most in today’s digital world filled with choice and information.

Employee engagement attracts and retains talent

Engaged employees are your most productive staff and brand advocates. They create a positive, vibrant work environment and culture that energizes everyone around them. And when their brand passion and views are shared outside the organization on social media channels, it’s the best recruitment tool and talent magnet you can have. 

Business booms when employees engage customers and advocate together

The value of customer advocacy and employee advocacy stands on their own. However,  when they happen together and in support of each other, they have a multiplier effect.  Internal and external stakeholders get aligned and stay aligned. Your company’s purpose, vision and priorities are clear from top to bottom and across the entire organization. Excitement and opportunity flourish as business booms. 

Influitive is the engagement platform for all things advocacy

A decade ago, Influitive became the platform of choice for customer marketers, while pioneering the field of customer advocacy. We continue to lead this ever-increasingly important market. Today, we are building on that foundation and have announced the acquisition of PostBeyond, a clear leader in employee advocacy. Together, we cement our position as the market leader for all of your advocate audiences. We are excited and eager to bring the techniques and technology PostBeyond has developed to Influitive and helping our combined base of customers make their businesses boom.