Success Story: How A Football Question Helped Bomgar Re-Engage 20 Inactive Advocates

Truman Tang

Liz Richardson of Bomgar knows how to engage brand advocates

One of the biggest challenges of growing a community of advocates is coming up with exciting ways to keep them engaged. Marketers put a lot of time and effort into developing advocacy programs and inviting their community to join. However, many advocates never return after the first visit.

Liz Richardson understands these challenges. As the Social Media Manager for Bomgar, the #1 enterprise remote support solution, she spends her days engaging advocates and helping her company reach its business goals.

She uses Influitive’s AdvocateHub to manage the Bomgar Insider – a community where Bomgar’s advocates participate in activities such as taking surveys, volunteering for case studies, joining reference groups and sharing referrals. When advocates complete one of these activities, they earn points to climb the leaderboard and gain access to perks, which include conference passes, catered lunches and swag. Who doesn’t love swag?

Recently, Bomgar was a finalist in The BAMMIES’ Advocate Marketing Program of the Year “People’s Choice Award”, so Liz emailed their more than 450 Bomgar advocates inviting them to login to the Insider and receive points for voting for Bomgar.

The results were much more than she expected…

Not only did dozens of advocates vote for Bomgar – helping the company win the Advocate Marketing Program of the Year Award – but while logged into the Bomgar Insider, 60 of them also completed a number of other activities, 17 shared a link and 3 referred potential new customers.

How Bomgar was able to engage brand advocates

Clearly, Bomgar knew how to engage brand advocates when it really mattered. “The interesting thing about this data is that it shows the power of giving advocates fun and easy things to do,” says Liz. “If you make it not only mutually beneficial but also enjoyable, advocates will do more than what you ask.”

By making sure a variety of activities were created and available in the Insider before sending her request, Liz also learned that you can engage inactive advocates and get them to take steps on your behalf. After clicking the Bomgar Insider link in Liz’s email, 60 advocates took part in a challenge that asked them to predict the winner of the biggest football game of the year.

An incredible 20% of these advocates had previously been inactive for over a month. 

“The challenge was a great engagement retention strategy,” says Liz. “Usually, when you lose an advocate, or never really grab hold of them after that initial sign up, it’s a challenge getting them excited about being part of your advocacy program again.  Using an incredibly simple yet nationally engaging challenge, we were able to get inactive advocates to reignite their relationship with us again. And they didn’t stick around just for the fun stuff. Many of those lost visitors stuck around to do 10 or more activities promoting the Bomgar brand in that one visit and have been frequent visitors since.”

The traditional way that marketers do advocacy is just plain awkward – calling or emailing advocates out of the blue and asking them to do something for your company. With Influitive, marketers can create quick and easy asks – such as predicting the winner of the big football game – and easily get advocates to do more once you’ve got their attention. This makes advocates feel comfortable and increases the chances that they will take bigger steps down the line. Your advocates can move from football games to recommending future customers when you have the right program in place to keep them engaged and excited about your brand.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

Contact Influitive today to learn how your advocates can supercharge your sales and marketing results.

By the way, the majority of Bomgar’s advocates think that the Denver Broncos will win the big game this Sunday. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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