Influitive Custom Profile Fields

CS and CX professionals know better than anyone that having clean, up-to-date and actionable customer data is often the difference between a truly personalized customer journey and a sloppy one-size-fits-all attempt at it. 

Collecting customer data should be easy. And once you have it, it should be just as easy to leverage it to engage customers in a personal way—at the right time, and at scale. 

Enter, Influitive’s custom profile fields. 

Step 1: Data Collection

Although traditional surveys are useful, they’re rarely designed to incorporate what you already know about your customers. Asking customers for information you already know, while providing little incentives or personalization, is not the optimal experience. 

That’s why we embedded surveys into our platform where your customer data already lives, gamified them with points, and made them easily targetable to very specific subsets of your customers. Influitive’s surveys increase the overall completion rate and depth with which you can gather data from your customers and get to know them. 

From demographic data and psychographic data, to your customer’s personal preferences, to the products they like to use, and even their tech stack (at home or at work), we make data collection simple, flexible, and efficient for all parties involved. 

Step 2: Clean, Up-to-date, and Actionable Data

Okay, so you have customer data, and lots of it… now what? 

Consider the following graphic:

Your customer, Selina,  just answered a series of questions. With this new information, you were able to uncover powerful insights about her, like her reason for joining the program, the department she belongs to, the specific product(s) she uses, and even fun data points like her favorite color and pet’s name. 

Great! This is where Influitive’s custom profile fields come in.

Now, you can map whatever survey response data you’d like to Influitive’s custom profile fields. Custom profile fields are exactly what they sound like: customized data fields that you can append to the profiles of your members. 

To map survey data to custom profile field data in the Influitive platform, all you need to do is: 

  1. Create the custom profile field (these fields now can be enabled on all member profiles)
  2. Create the question that you wish to map from
  3. Indicate via a checkbox that the question is to be mapped

The data is now stored and clean! You can find it, use it and share it simply. 

Let’s say you want to know on a quarterly basis who among your customer base is able to act as a reference. Create the question once, then schedule the survey to publish once per quarter. The same survey question will prompt the user rhythmically to update the field “Referenceable: Yes or No”. Now, you’ll have more confidence that when you tap on a member’s shoulder to act as a reference, the data indicating their willingness is accurate. 

The data is now up-to-date! You can set it, forget it, and rely on it. The information will update itself as your customers update their preferences. 

These custom profile fields are perfect for targeting hyper-relevant content. For example, rather than launching an activity announcing a new product feature for all of your customers to see, now you can target that product announcement only at those customers who actively use that product—which you know based on their profile data. 

The data is now actionable! You can target personalized and relevant content with ease. 


Data collection is great, in so far as it is clean, up-to-date and actionable. We’re confident that Influitive’s custom profile fields are going to take personalization to the next level in your community. We can’t wait to see the journeys you build with all that amazing data!