May flowers brought new campaigns, valuable discussions and over 16,000 new members to customers’ programs. With it came significant growth in social engagement, referral activity and nearly $14 million in generated ROI

Read on to dig into May’s data and customer examples. 

Recruitment and Engagement

Last month, our customers welcomed over 16,000 users to their programs, with more than 60,000 engaged in the previous 30 days, generating nearly $14 million in ROI through more than 470,000 acts of advocacy. Despite a slight dip in ROI compared to April, we continue to see growth in new membership and engagement, which remains impressive as the vast majority of Influitive customers operate invite-only and exclusive programs.

When it comes to recruitment, customers took the opportunity to refine and try out new strategies. “Since rolling out registration in March to an exclusive group of highly engaged customers, we updated our recruitment strategy to include NPS and CSAT promoters and customer references,” said Jen Salazar, Senior Customer Advocacy Manager at Cornerstone OnDemand. “We also partnered with various businesses across the organization—specifically Account Management and CSMs to invite their customers in.” “We are using closed support cases as a recruitment strategy for one of our communities,” said Jennifer Susinski, Global Customer Marketer & Advocacy Manager at HPE. “I see this as a great avenue, and it reiterates to customers this is a journey, not just a one-off.”

For engagement, many customers created fun and collaborative campaigns. “We started doing a monthly raffle where advocates use their points to redeem as many tickets as they want at 250 points each,” said Anissa Alvarez, Marketing Specialist at G&A Partners. “In May, we raffled off an Instapot!” “We had our customers vote on and design a custom Jamf Heroes wallet from Secrid, and customers redeemed them all within two weeks,” said Kaelie Lund, Community Engagement & Advocacy Specialist at Jamf. “It was incredible and shows that when you put the rewards in the hands of the customers to decide, they choose items that they’ve already invested in and are excited to redeem.”

Challenges and Acts of Advocacy

Our customers’ users have earned over 7.9 million points and redeemed over 8,400 rewards, and to help make this happen, they completed over 450,000 challenges! We saw a marginal increase in points earned and challenge completions and a slight dip in rewards redeemed compared to April. Perhaps members are saving up for something special in the coming summer months? 

Users completed over 38,000 social shares (generating nearly 100,000 clicks) and responded to over 37,000 survey and feedback challenges. We saw a 120% increase in social clicks compared to April, while social shares remained steady. Other notable acts of advocacy include making over 1,100 referrals, writing over 1,200 reviews–on sites like G2, TrustRadius and Gartner Peer Insights–and acting as a reference more than 320 times

“We ran a Peer Insights review campaign for IndyCar, which we’re sponsoring! We’ve received 11 new or updated reviews in the past three weeks,” shared one customer in the cloud CX space. “We made it a ‘race to leave a review,’ and the top 20 finishers will win a special IndyCar-themed swag gift.” Cornerstone OnDemand focused on third-party reviews and celebrating customers on social media for International HR Day. “We published a challenge asking our advocates what it means to be in HR and then asked for permission to share these responses across our social channels,” said Salazar. “We were able to quickly secure 5-6 quotes which let us celebrate all of our customers’ hard work during an especially challenging year.” 

Discussion and Community

We saw over 2,100 topics posted, more than 52,000 replies logged, and over 11,000 users were engaged in our customers’ discussion forums last month.

“I built out a category for our conference coming up in June! A lot of customers have been sharing what they’re looking forward to, which events they’ve been to in the past, and more,” said one customer in the cloud CX space. “Our most popular discussion asked our advocates to share their Memorial Day plans and honor their loved ones who may have served in the military,” added Alvarez.

A customer in the IT industry created discussion topics around nostalgic topics. “I find something memorable that most of our advocates can relate to, and they really like it,” they said. “I’ve also experimented with uploading full webinars to our discussion boards.”

We hope you enjoyed this brief look at our key customer insights and trends. We’ll continue bringing these trends to you throughout the year to help you benchmark your customer marketing and advocacy programs.