Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a transformation in the way consumers interact with brands. Consumers crave authenticity, personalized experiences, and meaningful connections with the brands they buy from. As a result, marketers have had to shift from traditional marketing and advertising strategies to building genuine relationships with their customers.

One traditional marketing tool that’s helping companies do this? Newsletters. 

Revenue from email marketing is set to reach nearly $11 billion by the end of 2023, and unlike social media or paid ads, newsletters offer a more intimate and direct communication channel, allowing brands to share their message in a personalized and relevant manner. 

However, more newsletters mean more emails flooding everyone’s inbox. Earning a spot in someone’s inbox is a privilege and it can be taken away at any time if you’re too frequent, too salesy, or too irrelevant. So how do you deliver a newsletter that avoids these pitfalls and stands out from the crowd? 

Today we’re announcing the launch of the All About the Customer newsletter, and let me start by saying that this is NOT your typical marketing newsletter.


Delivering an Engaging and Rewarding Experience

We’re taking subscriber engagement to the next level by recognizing and rewarding active participation. Subscribers can be rewarded for activities such as reading articles, submitting content, and referring colleagues to subscribe. 

The mechanism to recognize and reward the desired outcomes or behaviors is through gamification and points. Points are a well-understood concept and have been proven across every industry to increase engagement, and as such, can be used to great impact here.

We’re also encouraging co-collaboration with our subscribers. After all, this newsletter is all about the customer. Subscribers can suggest content ideas and pose questions for our ‘Ask Ari’ series, both earning points for these contributions and bonus points if their content is selected and included in a future newsletter. 

We’ve paired our newsletter with the brand-new All About the Customer hub, where subscribers can earn even more points for completing surveys and listening to episodes of our All About the Customer podcast. All of these points earned both within the newsletter and our new All About the Customer hub can be redeemed for tickets in monthly raffle drawings, where subscribers can win prizes such as gift cards and tech gear.

The All About the Customer hub is powered by Influitive’s engagement platform. While we primarily serve core use cases within advocacy, community, and loyalty, our software is designed to increase any digital engagement which includes improving the performance of your content marketing team’s efforts. 


Taking a Value-First Approach

At the heart of a successful marketing newsletter is a value-first approach. Understanding that subscribers want insightful and relevant content at their fingertips, our newsletter focuses on providing exclusive insights, must-have metrics, and an industry roundup of information sourced and curated by customer-led leaders. Ari Hoffman, our VP of Customer Marketing and Advocacy, will be hosting his own section, ‘Ask Ari,’ where he’ll share expert advice and tackle your burning questions on all things customer-first.


It’s Time to be All About Your Customers

At Influitive, it’s our mission to help companies turn their customers into brand advocates by fostering collaboration, building trust, and deepening relationships with them. We believe that customer-obsessed organizations are best positioned to drive sustained success, and it all starts with making your strategy and initiatives centered around your customers.

It all started with our All About the Customer podcast, where we talk with customer-obsessed people to uncover how you can be more customer-focused. Then we launched the first-ever Fearless 50 and Elite 18 awards program which recognizes marketing leaders who push a customer-first agenda above all else.  And now we’re coming full circle by delivering a newsletter that’s both customer-led and cutting-edge.

The first issue of this novel newsletter format is officially live today, so subscribe now to get your copy. We hope to see you soon!