As we navigate the unsettling health and economic impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, it’s clear that we need to adjust our business practices. Internally, we are taking appropriate steps to ensure the safety and health of our employees while also ensuring uninterrupted support for our customers and business partners. This includes equipping 100% of our workforce with remote work capability, making our offices safe and available at all times, and daily monitoring of the situation with appropriate adjustments in our tactics.

For our customers, we have had dozens of requests for aid in creating compelling virtual events due to cancelled physical events (or soon to be cancelled events) including conferences, user groups, and employee meetings. While we don’t cover 100% of the requirements to produce a virtual event, we do have the ability to enhance events by creating higher levels of engagement and participation prior to, during, and after an event takes place. This works in both physical and virtual environments. 

We want to make this technology available immediately to our customers at no cost and to offer steep discounts on services. The goal is simple: provide a financial benefit while improving the outcome of your virtual events. 

For All Influitive CustomersTwo Free Virtual Event Options:

  • Free enhancements to your existing Influitive hub – Inside your existing Influitive deployment, you can create new channels, challenges, discussions and leaderboards exclusively for your virtual event. Or, you can completely transform your hub into a branded virtual event that advocates, customers and prospective customers access. This option is free and comes with: 
    • A free 60-minute strategy session and needs assessment on how best to modify and redesign your existing hub to support your digital event. 
    • The ability to turn on all our features for free including anything not in your existing license for two months (see Enterprise-level platform for details). 
  • Spin up a new virtual event hub – If you don’t want to alter your existing Influitive deployment, or would prefer not to mix it with your company’s virtual event, Influitive is offering the alternative option of a free license to design and build a custom-branded virtual event hub including:
    • A free 60-minute strategy session on how best to design your virtual event hub based on the content and goals originally set for your physical event. We will conduct an online meeting with your events marketing team and other stakeholders to form our recommendations. 
    • Two months of free use also using Influitive’s Enterprise-level package. During this time you will have a multi-hub environment with single sign-on (SSO) for a unified user experience across hubs. Plus, admins can easily share content between the hubs and get a unified dashboard for reporting. 

In both cases Influitive will steeply discount our standard services fees (by 50% through June 30, 2020). This includes our event strategy, design, creative and engagement services—before, during, and after your live event. These services are at your request and there is no requirement to use these services to receive the product discounts. Please contact your CSM or account executive to learn more and to request one of the free virtual event options.

New Influitive Virtual EventHub Managed Service 

The above free options are excellent for customers who have the administrative resources to modify their existing hub for a digital event, or to create a completely new virtual event hub. Today we announced a new Virtual EventHub managed service, designed primarily for non-customers needing a virtual event. If this managed service is more appropriate for your company, Influitive will provide a special customer discount.

Please contact your CSM or account executive to learn more about all our virtual event options.

For all of you reading this, we wish safety and wellbeing for you and those around you.

Dan McCall