How A Software Giant Enhanced The Customer Experience Using Advocacy

When you are one of the largest software vendors on the globe with thousands of employees and tens of thousands of customers, it can be incredibly challenging to maintain personal connections with each and every individual customer. At a certain size, creating an enhanced customer experience can become impossible to manage at scale.

enahcne_customer_expereince_HP_chris_peltzBut Chris Peltz, Chief of Staff of HP Software’s Service Portfolio Management Customer Success team, thought it could be done. After 14 years in a number of strategic and customer-facing roles at the company, he had noticed opportunities he and his team could pursue with the right strategy—but only with the help of their customers.

That’s why HP Software’s Services Portfolio Management team launched a pilot advocate marketing program, called the HP ITSM Insiders. The program encouraged the brand’s biggest fans to share their love for HP, and then rewarded and recognized advocates for their contributions. They quickly proved the value of the program internally, and then grew it into customer engagement experience 1,000+ advocates strong.

Chris and his team shared all of the details of how they engaged, educated and delighted the HP ITSM Insiders in our new eBook, Transforming HP Software’s Customer Experience With Advocacy. In it, you’ll learn what HP Software’s SPM how they built their program, the incredible results they achieved after one year, and more. To read the eBook for free, and discuss the ideas in it, visit our VIP Community.

If you want to start an advocate marketing program to keep customers engaged, here are five things the Chris says you should do:

1. Set your objectives and stick to them

“First, it’s important that you understand what your objectives are from the start,” Chris says. “Then, make sure you can track your progress toward those objectives and that each hub activity ties back to at least one of those objectives.”

2. Start small and adapt along the way

Don’t create a program where, from day one, you invite every single customer you have because it’s a process that’s very adaptive, he advises. “We invited customers in waves, starting with a small set. Then, every month, we invited more and more customers into the program. This allowed us to grow and improve what we’re doing within the advocacy program along the way.”

3. Keep your program fresh and fun

It’s important to keep your program fresh by adding new content and activities for your advocates to do each and every week. Don’t make it all serious business either. Chris says: “We’ve heard from our customers that having fun in the program enables them to escape their day-to-day and release some stress, so mixing in some fun activities is a fundamental part of our program.”


4. Target the right activities to the right advocates

Not every advocate is the same, so it’s very important to segment them accordingly – such as by region, product use or other factors – and expose them only to the content and activities that are most relevant to them. “Otherwise, your customers are going to get things they may not care about,” he explains.

5. Develop personal connections with your advocates

“Go the extra mile and put that human element into your program. Take the time to understand each customer and get to know him or her on a personal level,” Chris says. How? “Look for opportunities to meet them face-to-face or to send them unexpected perks that are unique to their interests. That can really go a long way.”

Transforming HP Software’s Customer Experience With Advocacy
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