How Influitive Infuses Advocacy Into Our Marketing Technology Stack

SpekulationWould it surprise you to learn that I rely primarily on peer referrals and recommendations to choose tools for my marketing technology stack? I may learn about new products on LinkedIn or in a tradeshow expo hall, but nothing is quite as effective as a tap on the shoulder from a marketer I trust.

This is why I jumped at the opportunity to join Lattice Engines’ inaugural “Show Me Your Stack” webinar when my former colleague, Elle Woulfe, invited me to participate last week. In the series, marketers share what tools they’re using to generate demand.

Giving everyone a look under Influitive’s hood was fun, but not just because of the technology we use. We infuse advocacy into all of our marketing efforts to fuel our growth. By encouraging our best customers to talk about their experiences with us, we “surround sell” potential clients with third-party social proof from our advocates on reviews sites, social media and across the social web throughout the buying process.

For those who missed it, here’s a peek at our technology stack and how we infuse advocacy into everything we do:

A customer-focused team

Despite the fact that our company is only four years old and we’ve only had a marketing team for about two and a half years, one of our seven full-time headcounts is a Senior Customer and Advocacy Marketing Manager named Truman Tang. To us, the customer experience is paramount. We want more than just satisfied customers. We want advocates who are constantly talking about how much they love us. Not just how much they love our software, but also how well they were treated throughout the buying process and how excited they are about our marketing, our people and the direction of our company. Truman’s job is to engage our advocates through Influitive VIP, our advocate marketing program, using our AdvocateHub software. There he recognizes our top fans for participating in content, referral, reference, social media and review challenges (and so much more).

If you want to see what it’s like for yourself, follow this link to join Influitive VIP.

An advocacy-driven marketing technology stack

We have a core group of investments that every B2B marketer needs at the center: our CRM (Salesforce), our marketing automation platform (Marketo), and our web content management system (WordPress). Outside of that are what I like to call the “tips on the spear,” or anything you use to attract and keep clients. This includes social media, customer success, optimization, data, analytics, SEO and ads, content marketing, event management and sales enablement tool.


Every campaign we launch through these channels has some form of advocacy injected into it, which is usually tracked through Influitive VIP. For example, before a webinar, we may give our customers and other advocates the opportunity to ask questions or contribute content or ideas. We’ll also recognize them for promoting on social media or giving feedback. This helps spread our message and create a better product or campaign.

Here are a few more examples of how we create and mobilize our advocates through our marketing technology stack:

1. Insightpool targets our advocate’s networks

When we create content, we get the majority of our insights from conversations we have with other marketers, CMOs and community managers—many of which are our customers. We also rely on these people to help distribute content through their networks for more engagement.

In addition, we use Insightpool, a social relationship intelligence platform, to target followers of the people who contributed to our content. Using Insightpool, we’ll send a tweet with a link to the resource to get them involved in the conversation. I like to call this marketing automation for Twitter. We did this our Rise of the Customer Marketer campaign, and it generated 30% of our responses through Twitter

2. Wistia showcases our advocates—and brings in new ones

Our big experiment with video marketing was BAM!TV—a late night talk show for B2B marketers. We rented out a studio and film crew, and got several of our customers and an analyst to create a fun, fast and loose talk show. We wanted to use it as a vehicle for a product launch that was more exciting than the traditional methods (like press releases or webinars).

When you invest so much in one campaign, you may assume we intended to generate tons of leads. We decided not to gate the video or make people register since we wanted as many people as possible to see the video. Instead we had ads pop up with links to relevant content, like a gated eBook. BAM!TV generated a lot of visitors and inquiries, and 16 opportunities. At the current value of those ops, it was a no-brainer investment for us.

So many people loved the format that three vendors have asked us if they could be on the next episode of BAM!TV. We hadn’t planned on a second episode, but now we’re hoping to syndicate.

3. Influitive VIP tracks and rewards advocacy across platforms

As I mentioned above, we use our own product, AdvocateHub, to invite our customers, partners and employees into an online program that recognizes them with status, points and badges when they do something for us. The program also gives them the opportunity to contribute to our content, interact with our executive team, and gain early access to new product releases.

As a result, we’ve received an enormous amount of positive reviews on third-party websites, which attracts more potential buyers to our platform. We’re also never short of references, which has shortened our sales cycle by 25%. Most importantly, we’ve generated over 500 referrals—a quarter of which have turned into opportunities in our pipeline.

This constant drip of quality of referrals has been an integral part of our growth. If you add advocacy to your B2B marketing, you’ll see how customers can help drive your revenue. For more detail about how our advocate marketing program has helped us achieve staggering revenue growth, check out Influitive Exposed.

To learn more about our stack, watch the BrightTalk webinar with Lattice Engines here.


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