Our customers are experts at using our product. Nobody is better at advocate marketing than they are!

So, when we wanted to create a new eBook to help our users increase customer advocacy through our platform, we had two choices:

  1. Write what we thought would make our customers more successful advocate marketers
  2. Crowdsource the top tips from people who were already successful advocate marketers

We decided to run a contest through our advocate marketing program, Influitive VIP, to gather content for our next eBook, Level Up Your Advocate Marketing Game: 10 Customer Engagement Tips and Tricks. 

The VIP Top Tip Showdown competition is born

We challenged our advocates to submit their best piece of advocate marketing advice in our VIP Community as part of a Top Tip Showdown contest. (The winner of which would receive a $500 voucher to take their team out to dinner.)

We had almost 30 advocates share their pro tips.

crowdsourcing content from customers

Next, we asked our Leader of Education and Certification, Nadia Hogg, to choose the 10 she thought were the most helpful. Once Nadia had chosen the top 10 finalists, we asked our advocates to vote on which they thought was the ultimate advocate marketing tip.

lizPThe competition was stiff, and the results were close. (Our winner took the lead by only 2 votes!)

Liz Pedro, Director of Customer Content & Advocacy at Mitel, was crowned the winner.

The Top Tip Showdown was more than a friendly competition for our advocates. We had three main goals in mind when we created this contest:

1. Crowdsource valuable content

We gathered valuable pieces of advice from the people who know our product best: our customers. Their insights can now be shared with new customers during the onboarding process, on our blog and in our new eBook.

2. Make customers more successful

Our customers often ask for more ideas for their advocate marketing programs. This contest allowed us to quickly find and share a bunch of new tips from our best users. Not only did we give our customers more of what they wanted, but we also made them more successful at the same time.

3. Foster customer connections

This challenge generated a lot of collaboration and idea sharing in our VIP community. Advocates could view tips, comment on them, or simply like them. This helped our customers make new connections, learn from each other and keep conversation in our community thriving.

If you want to run a similar contest, remember to celebrate your advocates’ contributions publically and use social voting to choose a winner. If you engage your advocates in fun ways and make them feel important, they’ll be happy to help you—and your customer community—in incredible ways.

Level Up Your Advocate Marketing Game

This free eBook features the top 10 tips and tricks from real advocate marketers–as voted by their peers. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to think about your advocate marketing program more strategically
  • How to tell engaging stories and mix up your challenges to keep your advocates engaged
  • How to get the most out of your advocate marketing program over the long-term
  • And much more!

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