Influitive believes it has created a better way for marketers to prospect future customers through its recently launched “Influitive Experience” hub.

The platform allows users to conduct “activities” where upon completion they are awarded points. The activities include topics like “meeting Influitive customers,” “advocacy best practices,” and “discovering Influitive products.” A leaderboard featuring users with the most points is prominently displayed on the site, and those points can be exchanged for prizes.

An example of content includes a video of Nicole Dingley, vice president of marketing at Wiley – an Influitive customer — sharing how advocacy helped her company save $60,000, improve NPS scores by 130 percent and drive product innovation. Another example is a survey asking users “what types of products or CRM tools they use to conduct business.”

Influitive Experience is a hub for customer marketing, customer success and customer experience professionals to explore Influitive’s platform and engagement capabilities at their own pace and without the need to request a demo, said Influitive Chief Marketing Officer Dan Cote. “There’s a better way to do prospecting, and this is it. We are living in an age where people are inundated with choices, and they don’t have patience. This hub allows them to be entertained and see what’s interesting, and if you can get users excited about consuming your content in a gamified way, then that’s a great way to stand out. To survive in today’s SaaS-driven, digitally connected world, companies must embrace and orchestrate customer engagement beginning with the buyer journey.” 

The hub has several unique user benefits, including: 

  • Highly Personalized Journey: answering a few short questions unlocks a customized journey that surfaces the right content at the right time. Users can also unlock content outside of their journey, creating a truly self-serviced experience.    
  • Gamified User Experience: earn points for completing actions such as reading content, taking surveys and asking questions that can be redeemed for rewards such as tech gear, gift vouchers, charity donations and more.
  • Networking Opportunities: connect with Influitive experts and like-minded individuals on common challenges and solutions in customer engagement and advocacy through Influitive’s modern discussion board.

“Influitive Experience is a fantastic way to learn about the Influitive platform and all that it has to offer,” said Destin Jones, Head of Community at Jane Software and a member of Influitive Experience. “It’s like a low pressure ‘choose your own adventure’ demo and onboarding experience all rolled into one. You can participate as much or as little as you like. Being able to participate and see it through the eyes of a customer is a step in the evaluation process for new software and platforms that you don’t always get.” “Instead of just driving people to your website, we are now incentivizing them by reading about clients or other topics,” Cote added.

Influitive, a Toronto-based firm, works with marketers and digital businesses that want a better way to engage customers and mobilize advocates. In part because of their apprehension to try to drum up business in the middle of a pandemic using traditional demand generation methods, the company sees Influitive Experience as an opportunity to immerse potential customers in their products’ capabilities without any sales pressure. 

“And there’s no better way to showcase our products than to show users and customers first-hand what gamification can be in their world as well,” he concluded.

Users can access and register for Influitive Experience directly at