The summer solstice is a day of profound significance for many people through the ages. It’s a time of renewal, for gathering the tribe, for spiritual reflection and for celebrating life. This year’s solstice marks a special time for Influitive as well. We’re gathering customer-focused marketers together to celebrate the dawn of a new day for advocacy and the customer experience.

Planting the seeds of advocacy

Having provided hundreds of B2B brands with platforms for driving advocacy (and seen over seven million collective acts of advocacy completed by advocates of our customers), we know that putting advocate relationships at their heart of a brand’s marketing strategy can transform its business.

Many of our customers have stopped trying to control what’s being said about them. Instead they’ve focused on fostering real, intimate connections with their advocates. As a result, they’ve been able to turn the tides for their reputations, drive revenue and improve customer engagement in one fell swoop.

As marketers become increasingly responsible for improving every stage of the customer lifecycle—from awareness to advocacy—they’ll need tools and training to become customer experience experts.(After all, customer experience is the last battlefield for differentiation in a world where anyone can copy products.)

All of these factors, paired with our knowledge of advocate motivation, has inspired us to make some huge changes and improvements to our AdvocateHub platform, our messaging and the practice of advocate marketing.

We believe our Solstice release will better help companies spark, build and sustain a movement behind their brands. Here’s a breakdown on each initiative:

1. Influitive’s AdvocateHub gets upgraded for modern advocacy

We’ve enhanced AdvocateHub to help our customers unleash the full potential of their advocates by creating a sense of purpose, belonging and community–both inside and and outside our platform. They are:

  • A new personalized advocacy feed—powered by Influitive’s robust advocate graph—that provides advocates with suggested advocacy activities tailored to their interests and behavior. This creates a better experience for the advocate and increased participation for our customers.
  • Direct advocate-to-advocate messaging and enhanced profile pages that allow advocates to get to know their peers better and foster stronger connections–something all advocates crave.
  • An improved mobile experience with deeplinking and a customizable push notifications to make it easier for advocates to stay engaged on the go.

We’re also releasing several new enhancements that allow our customers to customize their communities—and their advocates’ experiences—for the better, including:

  • Enhanced reporting, making it easier for customers to measure the health of their advocacy program and drill down into their biggest goals.
  • New referral features with gamification, social media sharing and public campaigns to encourage more participation. Improved CRM integration and customer milestone tracking makes rewarding advocates and following up on referrals easier.
  • Powerful enterprise enhancements that allow for customized branding and single sign on options.
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2. Meet EDGE, a new self-paced online education program for marketers

We’re also launching EDGE, a new educational offering that arms marketers with the skills, ideas and best practices they need to evolve into ‘advocate marketers’. This self-paced online education program helps marketers formulate sound advocate marketing strategy, track and measure advocacy’s business impact, and create the greatest possible experience for their advocates. Join EDGE now!

3. Influitive updates our look and messaging

We’re super proud to unveil a new website, new look and new content all centered around a bold new message: to win in your market, you need more than great product, great marketing, great execution. You need to spark a movement.

Our new website puts our advocates at the center of the content to show the groundswell we’ve been able to build behind our product. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments!

To learn more about Solstice and the advocacy movement, tune into our event live stream today at 6:30 pm ET.