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Pump up the volume of user reviews and maximize the results of your product reviews strategy

User reviews can be an extremely powerful influence in the B2B decision-making process. As more buyers seek out recommendations and reviews from knowledgeable peers, third-party sites are incorporating user reviews where applications are featured and vendors are looking for ways to turbocharge their product reviews strategy as a result.

Boost Your Product Reviews Strategy With Influitive’s GetApp IntegrationThat’s why we’re excited about our new partnership with GetApp, a business software marketplace featuring over 5,500 apps from more than 2,000 vendors.

Influitive customers can now request user reviews and approve them for display on GetApp, as well as recognize advocates for sharing their experiences.

Manuel Jaffrin, co-founder of GetApp, says user reviews have always been a core feature of the GetApp marketplace. “We’ve known from the start that software users don’t want to just hear from vendors; they want to hear what their peers have to say. In fact, reviews are one of the key data points they consider as they make a purchase decision.”

A faster, easier product reviews strategy

A traditional product reviews strategy – asking customers to post genuine reviews and manually recognizing them for their efforts – can be an intensive process for many companies.

Now, through the integration with Influitive’s AdvocateHub, companies using GetApp can ramp up the number of genuine customer reviews associated with their software.

Happy customers can share their experience, insights and advice, and then get recognized for their contribution through the vendor’s advocate marketing program. Ultimately, this boosts the exposure of the company’s solutions and drives more traffic to their websites.

One of those vendors with an ongoing product reviews strategy is Clarizen. The leader in enterprise-class work collaboration and project management solutions, Clarizen is used by over 2,200 organizations across 76 countries, including more than 25 of the Fortune 500.

To further broaden the reach of its advocate marketing program, called the Clarizen Champions League, and get more user reviews, Senior Manager of Corporate Marketing Jen Howard has already taken advantage of the integration between GetApp and Influitive. “The integration simplifies the process of manually having to manage and verify that reviews have been posted. I now receive reviews as an email alert, without even having to log in to the AdvocateHub, saving me significant time,” she explains.

Boost Your Product Reviews Strategy With Influitive’s GetApp Integration

Lori Bush Shepard, VP of Marketing for Clarizen, adds, “while we’re relatively new Influitive partners, we’ve been partners with GetApp for a long time. The fact that the two organizations have come together streamlines our advocate marketing program, which is an important part of our marketing strategy. Specifically, it helps us get the word out via reviews from customers who are realizing great success with Clarizen.”

How the integration between GetApp and Influitive’s AdvocateHub works:

Any company managing their advocate marketing program with Influitive’s AdvocateHub platform can send out a challenge to users asking for reviews. When an advocate clicks the call-to-action button, they are taken to the company’s GetApp profile page to submit a review.

Boost Your Product Reviews Strategy With Influitive’s GetApp Integration - Clarizen on GetApp

Once GetApp approves the review on their end, that information is relayed back to AdvocateHub, which automatically notifies the advocate marketing manager via email and awards the appropriate number of points to the advocate for submitting the review.

“This is a no-brainer for us and our vendors,” Manuel says. “GetApp’s administrators are freed from time-consuming moderation to validate that reviewers are legitimate software users. That means we can boost the number and quality of reviews on our site with little effort. And the vendors already taking advantage of the integration have seen an immediate 20% increase in the number of reviews for their software.”

Are you already a GetApp vendor?

Sign up for Influitive via your GetApp panel or contact us to boost your product reviews strategy with more user reviews, exposure and conversions.