Case Study: The Smart Marketer Behind SMART’s Advocate Marketing Program

SMART’s brand advocates are a gold mine, and Influitive helped us engage all of them! Two of my favorite experiences at Influitive occurred at the exactly the same time. First, I met  a customer who not only knew more about our company’s mission than anyone I had met, but had been out evangelizing it for years.

The second is hearing these beautiful words: “The minute I saw your product, I knew right away it was what I needed.”

Both experiences came at the hands of Deena Zenyk, Marketing Manager for Customer Advocacy Programs at SMART Technologies, a leading provider of collaboration solutions for schools and workplaces.

Deena has spent years pursuing her vision of getting committed SMART users to help make their peers more successful with SMART products.

Long before we met her at last year’s Summit on Customer Engagement, Deena was spreading the advocate marketing gospel. This year, she returned to present about “Measuring–and Increasing–the Full Value of Customer Advocacy Programs.”

Today I’m delighted to release this short customer success story on the results of SMART’s advocate marketing program:

  • Deena boosted advocate engagement at SMART by 500% over the last year. 
  • In the first 30 days, 349 advocates joined the program and participated in more than 40 ‘challenges’ during the launch. 
  • Deena calculated a Return on Advocacy of $130,000 for each advocate – that is, they deliver that much value to the business in the form of marketing, development and content.
  • Most importantly, all functions at SMART have jumped into the program. There are internal competitions on who can create the ‘best’ challenges and systems to manage how and when advocates are notified of new activities. According to Deena, this groundswell of involvement has been crucial to the program’s success.

Any marketer would be proud of results like these. But if you are the marketer that has carefully and painstakingly cultivated a new approach to marketing – sometimes all alone – it must be immensely gratifying.

And so, we offer our heartfelt congratulations to Deena and SMART for developing a truly inspiring advocate marketing program!

Contact us today to learn how Influitive’s AdvocateHub can supercharge your advocate marketing program.

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