Business communications solutions provider, Mitel knew it needed a rebrand. The 41-year-old company had gone through four acquisitions in one year…and hadn’t updated their logo since 1972. Liz Pedro, Director Customer Content & Advocacy, felt that the key to rejuvenating their company was to get their siloed, disengaged employees invested—and fast. Watch Liz’s Advocamp presentation to learn how Mitel used its advocate marketing program, Mitel Champions, to mobilize nearly 2,000 global employees and successfully carry out its brand overhaul.

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Here are 3 of Liz’s tips for getting your employees engaged with your brand.

1. Make your message clear

Mitel realized that before it could extend its new branding to its customer base, it needed to make sure that all of its employees were on the same page.

To do this, Liz created educational tasks and challenges in the Mitel Champions advocate marketing program. These challenges included things like completing quizzes about details of the rebranding, and visiting the new website to learn where the company’s new logo and PowerPoint template could be accessed.

Once employees completed these educational challenges they were awarded points that they could redeem for special perks and rewards—like digital gift cards.

2. Make learning fun

You don’t want to bore your employees by making them read long, dry documents about messaging guidelines and branding templates. You need to make it an enjoyable experience they’ll genuinely want to participate in.

To keep employees engaged in the program—and with each other— Liz created a series of “secret missions” to follow up with the educational challenges. These secret missions involved completing tasks like, “Spy on your neighbor to see if they have changed their email signature yet”.

This friendly competition helped boost employee morale, increase overall engagement in the advocate marketing program and entice more advocates to join.

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3. Create more opportunities to get involved

Once your employees have become familiar with the advocate marketing program, you can begin to ask them for bigger things—like sharing company content on social media, submitting referrals or offering their insights.

For example, while trying to brainstorm creative ways to kickoff the external brand launch, Liz created a challenge in the Mitel Champions hub asking for suggestions. Within just a few hours, Mitel’s employees contributed over 550 fresh ideas.

Bottom line

Don’t underestimate the power of your employees. By putting its employees first, Mitel was able to completely refresh its brand—and boost company-wide morale in the process.

Within the first five months of its launch, Mitel engaged over 1,700 advocates, resulting in:

  • A complete rebrand of the company
  • 130,250 advocacy challenge completions
  • 102,000 social media interactions
  • 151 referrals

“It’s been a pretty interesting journey, and I have loved it,” says Liz. “If you unleash the power of your employees, then maybe next year you’ll be [at Advocamp] sharing your story.”

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