Dreamforce—the event most tech companies start planning for the moment the previous one ends—is nearly here.

We’re very excited to be attending, but we know that the volume of speakers, sessions and parties can make planning your days at Dreamforce somewhat overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most customer-centric Dreamforce 2015 sessions for marketers who are obsessed with creating the best customer experience possible.

1. Building Your Brand through Employee and Customer Advocacy

dreamfroce_2015_customer_sessionsbuilding_your_brand_talk_webadEmployee and customer advocates are your company’s biggest brand-building assets. In this talk, Mark Organ, CEO of Influitive, and Corinne Sklar, CMO of Bluewolf, will share how they and other fast-growing companies boost brand awareness and increase demand, revenue and customer retention using advocacy. You’ll also learn why and how advocate marketing programs address the biggest challenges facing today’s marketers, and obtain best practices for growing your business with the help of your brand’s advocates.

Sept. 17, 1:30-2:10; Metreon AMC Theaters, Theater 8

2. Keeping Your Customers Happy in Today’s Connected World

A new generation of customers are leveraging connected devices, apps and products to drive a massive reset on customer expectations. Every company must adapt if they want to survive. Listen to Esteban Kolsky, President of thinkJar, share the steps you can take to stay ahead and succeed in this new, disruptive marketplace.

Sept. 15, 3:00-3:40 PM; Palace Hotel, Grand Ballroom Rose

3. 4 Steps to Turn Your Customer Feedback into Action

Collecting feedback is essential for business growth, but few companies understand what feedback to collect, how often they should collect it, and how to use the data effectively. Join SurveyMonkey Senior VP Brent Chudoba, SurveyMonkey Director of Customer Success Jeff Coleman and JetSuite Marketing Coordinator Chris Bernabe as they share four practical ways to glean more insights from customer feedback and how turn those discoveries into actionable strategies.

Sept. 15, 2:00-2:40 PM; InterContinental San Francisco Hotel, Union Square

4. Age of the Customer: 3 Ways to Maximize Engagement to Drive Profitability

Your future depends on customers, not technology. Eric Berridge, co-founder of Bluewolf, Anil Chakravarthy, Executive VP of Informatica, and Stan Slap, author and CEO of Slap Company, will share how employee culture, data, design and technology can be used engage your customers and achieve business outcomes. Note: The first 75 attendees to register will receive a free copy of Stan’s latest book, so sign up early!

Sept. 15, 12:30-1:30 PM; Moscone South, Gateway Ballroom

5. Understanding the Customer’s Lifecycle

Join Josh Cazier, Sales Engineer from Qualtrics, as he share how to get rich insights from each stage of the customer lifecycle to increase conversion, retention and customer satisfaction.

Sept. 17, 11:00-11:20 AM; Cloud Expos, Partner Theater West

6. Making Social Customer Care Great Marketing

Your community and supporters are now online, which fundamentally changes how and where they look for support and to engage with your brand. Alana Cutler, Senior Social Strategist of Salesforce, Jessica Latimer, Senior Manager from ALEX AND ANI, and Waladeen Norwood, Global Social Media Program Manager of HP, will teach you how companies of various sizes can provide exceptional service to their customers through social channels and capitalize on these interactions in their marketing.

Sept. 16, 3:30-4:10 PM; Century Theaters, Westfield Mall, Century Theater 5

7. The What, Why and How of Customer Obsession

To achieve business success in the Age of the Customer, you must focus on the customer more than any other strategic imperative. But digital disruption has changed how customers behave and think. In this talk, Julie Ask, George Colony, and James McQuivey from Forrester explains what “customer obsession” means to your business model and how to change the way you work and drive growth.

Sept. 17, 3:30-4:30 PM; Moscone South, Gateway Ballroom

8. B2B Social: A Closer Look at B2B Content Creation, Measurement and Engagement

A B2B marketer’s target audience is different from a B2C marketer’s. In this panel, you’ll hear from Caitlin Angeloff from DocuSign, LaSandra Brill from Symantec, and Adam Brown from Salesforce on how several iconic brands create content that resonates, engages and connects with B2B customers on a social level.

Sept. 15, 4:00-4:40 PM; Century Theaters, Westfield Mall, Century Theater 4

9. The State of B2B Digital Marketing Panel Discussion

In today’s marketing ecosystem, companies simply must have a digital presence, regardless of their industry. They must be able to reach customers through digital channels if they want to thrive. This panel features B2B industry experts Shannon Duffy and Tricia Gellman of Salesforce, Koka Sexton of LinkedIn, and Lauren Vaccarello from Box on where the world of B2B digital marketing is heading.

Sept. 17, 12:00-12:40 PM; The Grove Yerba Buena, B2B Marketer’s Cafe

10. B2B Marketing 2015: Reimagine Everything!

Today’s B2B buyers are better connected and informed, and are loyal to brands that deliver personalized offers and information at every stage of the customer life cycle. This panel, featuring Joel Book and Mathew Sweezey from Salesforce, will cover the major trends that are driving the transformation of B2B marketing and show examples of brands that are successfully using one-to-one digital messaging tools like email, mobile, social media and online content personalization to acquire and retain customers.

Sept. 17, 2:30-3:10 PM; Century Theaters, Westfield Mall, Century Theater 2

11. InsideView OpenLounge Marketing Technology Panel

OpenLounge15 copy

The emergence of the “marketing technologist” role confirms the critical need for marketing teams to create a stack of tools that solve different problems. To help you decipher the ever-complex world of marketing technology, Joe Lucas from InsideView will be moderating a panel of marketing leaders that cover areas from account-based marketing to advocate marketing software, such as: Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio; Mark Organ, CEO of Influitive; Evan Liang, CEO of Lean Data; and Yaron Zakai-Or, CEO of SalesPredict. Those who attend can enjoy free wifi, charging stations, drinks, snacks and more.

Sept. 15-17, Register here to view the daily schedule; 23 Geary St.