Spark Customer Engagement

Influitive’s Customer Engagement Software helps you Create Customers For Life

Create customers for life

Our community platform allows customers to feel seen and to be heard, while providing a place where you can discover who your existing and potential fans truly are. Designed to nurture them along a guided journey, you’ll create a space that delivers an exceptional customer experience—one that will mobilize advocates to drive efficient growth for your business.

More than just support deflection

Online communities aren’t just for customer support. Benefit from a diverse community beyond just your customers by inviting employees, developers, investors, prospects, and thought leaders. A comprehensive community leads to holistic feedback and more engaging content.

Foster deeper connections with your brand

Companies need a collective memory of all customer interactions they’ve had, both good and bad. A smart community acts not only as a repository of brilliant ideas—it gives you ways to action that important feedback to ultimately create more personal relationships. When you turn this collective conversation into product improvements and refined services, you do something else, too—you build trust.

Customer success with community lifecycle management

Communities are so much more than just customer support—they can accelerate on-boarding and adoption by offering an open forum for training, advocate-nurturing, and much, much more.

Community conversion

Your community will allow you to facilitate authentic conversations at exactly the right time in a prospect’s journey. What’s more, you can track the influence of those authentic conversations even easier with reference and referral automation.

Elevate your customer experience

Watch a two-minute product overview and take a closer look into how the Influitive platform can strengthen your advocate community.