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What are Advocate Marketers?

Advocate marketers manage a company’s happiest customers and motivate them to help the company achieve business objectives, such as revenue growth and greater brand awareness. They set the strategy for the advocate marketing program. Working with the sales and social media team, advocate marketers recruit advocates, gather product feedback, and facilitate referrals. Advocate marketers are the first-responders when it comes to interacting with advocates, collecting their input and supporting their advocacy efforts. They also work with the customer success team to nurture customers and identify the best candidates to contribute content such as case studies, blog posts and testimonials.

Why Are Advocate Marketers Important?

Advocate marketers specialize in recruiting, motivating and recognizing customer advocates. Their actions help customer advocates understand where they can help and that their efforts will be appreciated, which leads to better productivity and results. In addition to being the first point of contact for evangelists, advocate marketers serve as a liaison between the customer community and other departments for activities related to the advocate marketing program. Advocates provide important feedback on products and services, and the advocate marketer ensures that this information is passed through the correct internal channels.

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