Guide Customer Journeys

Drive greater customer success with fewer CSMs

In today’s subscription economy, where businesses must constantly deliver value to avoid dreaded customer churn, far too many companies see no alternative but to hire ever more CSMs. An Influitive community that is full of customer advocates willing to assist newer customers is both efficient and more effective.

Customer journey automation

Give customers a personalized experience that is relevant to every high and low. Through automated flows triggered by data from multiple systems, you can automatically share content on significant customer dates, prompt your customer to take action when their health score flutters, and never miss the opportunity to celebrate important adoption milestones.

Personalized onboarding

By personalizing intros from your customer success team, celebrating implementation milestones, recommending next steps after launch, or even connecting with a peer-customer mentor, the community can naturally guide many interactions that are critical to get right from the start, ensuring a consistent customer experience that doesn’t lack a personal touch.

Deepen usage and adoption

As customers mature, they are hungry to learn advanced tactics and capabilities that separate power users from the newbies. Help them rapidly consume the content that’s most relevant to their skill level, business objectives, and industry through advanced targeting capabilities.

Incentivize training and certification

Formal training is invaluable, but it’s so hard to make time and maintain momentum. Show the most relevant educational opportunities to the right customers, mix in some incentives that help your customers make the right choices, and watch them earn their key certifications.

Drive surveys and feedback

A two-way flow of information is the foundation for delivering appropriate levels of support. Use the interactivity of the community to collect important information at the right point in time to collect necessary insights to drive learning and success.

Uncover expansion opportunities

Once plateaus of success are reached, it’s time to consider new horizons and possibilities for growth. Let customers raise their hand when they are interested in new capabilities, and personalize offers based on the goals they’ve shared with you. Account teams gain a great understanding of the right time to engage and the right opportunities to present.

Understand & Personalize Your Customer Journey and Drive Greater Customer Success

Watch a two-minute product overview and take a closer look into how the Influitive platform can help you deliver a better experience throughout the customer journey.