Nicole Dingley, Vice President of Customer Success

How Wiley uses customer advocacy to drive product innovation, save $60,000 and improve NPS by 130%

As the Vice President of Customer Success, she believes Customer Success shouldn’t be the only department connected to your customers.

Nicole manages the customer advocacy community at Wiley, an education and global research company. The community, called WileyPlus Studio, connects customers with departments across the organization — from Sales and Marketing to Product Development. Wiley was also a 2019 Influitive BAMMIE award-winner for Best Advocate Impact of Product Development.

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Nicole tells us more about Wiley’s program, how her entire company engages with their customers, and their unique approach to product development.

Wiley’s advocacy program

Gathering product feedback

Collaborating across teams

Generating quantified results

Talking to your customers

Gaining a competitive edge

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